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Crafting Boxes - Simple DIY Tutorial + Templates

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Whether you need a sweet gift box or just a small box to store bits and pieces, you can always use paper boxes. There are many practical and decorative variations on how to make and fold boxes yourself. These 9 instructions, including templates will inspire you.

Folding battles does not have to be difficult. Our detailed instructions allow you to make a quick and easy DIY, even if the folding box looks complicated at first glance.

First, you should consider what exactly the box must and what you need it for. Should it be a gift wrap for Valentine's Day or Christmas, or just serve as a place for paper clips "> Material

The material? Of course, paper and cardboard! It is entirely up to you whether you use monochrome cardboard, pattern paper or even effect cardboard for the boxes. Depending on the occasion and the area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication, you can make the boxes different. Just let your creativity run wild.

We advise you to craft the following boxes, if glue has to be used, to use adhesive strips. Of course, you can use traditional Bastelleim, but this can lead to unsightly stains. Double-sided adhesive strips are easily cut and hold bombproof.

Folding boxes - instructions

Let's start with the simple origami paper box. This is particularly well for storage and can be folded very quickly. On the other hand, you can also use it as an advent calendar parcel.

Here's how to make the boxes and the advent calendar:

  • Make origami boxes
  • Tinker advent calendar

Such a carton makes it already or ">

Instructions and template for this noble box can be found here: Folding fine folding box

Very cute and made for Valentine's Day gifts are these two heart boxes. Give away your heart with the right packaging. Your counterpart will surely be very happy. Here are the two instructions:

  • Tinker little heart box
  • Fold big heart box

Very playful and cute is this box variant - petals form the lid here. The template must first be printed, then cut out and then transferred to the desired construction paper. Nothing easier than that or "> flower box fold

Also lovely is this summery leaf box after a template. Just like the flower box before, the template is first cut out and then used as a template. Do you have a friend of nature in the circle of acquaintances, who soon has a birthday "> Foliate box fold

Quite different, but also very decorative, is this paper bag. This is open at the sides and allows a lunatic. Therefore, this box is perfect for gifts that do not have much to pack and already speak for themselves. Here the box was designed for Christmas. Find out exactly how it works here: Make a paper bag

This idea convinces by the fact that the lid and bottom are connected together and made in one piece. The box can therefore be opened. Whether it's for giving away chocolates or jewelry, this box provides the wow effect as soon as the lid is raised. This guide tells you how to make folding boxes

Finally, we show you this surprise package. This box is made of cardboard as well as paper. Depending on the occasion, you can customize the exterior and interior. The fir trees here are simply stuck in the box at the bottom. The highlight of the box: As soon as the lid is raised, the sides of the box fall over and the interior comes to the fore. Here's how to make this box in detail: Folding Surprise Box

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