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Make keyring yourself - 3 simple DIY ideas

  • A knotted heart as a key chain
  • Keyrings made of wine corks
  • Scoubidou keychain braid

Keys are practical accessories - they ensure that you have important keys quickly in your hand and reduce the risk that the small door openers are lost. In addition to the functionality, however, should also vote the look. Those who disdain the prefabricated products, which are available in countless shops, and instead want to conjure up their own creation, are in the right place at Talu.de. We'll explain how you can quickly make great keychains yourself!

Almost anyone who goes through life with multiple keys has a keychain on his keychain. But the appendage also really (still) corresponds to the personal taste "> knotted heart as key fob

With a little wool, a drawstring or another stable thread, you can make this small, sweet heart in no time. Give the heart to your sweetheart or make your mother a happy mother's day.

Keyrings are beautiful gifts because they are taken in by the owner almost every day. Here we go!

You need this:

  • 2 equal threads: cord, wool or paracord
  • key ring

How to proceed:

Step 1: Cut two cords of different colors to approx. 50 cm. Of course, you can use only a single knot thread for the heart - with two, it will be a double heart.

Step 2: Place the double thread in the shape of a pretzel on the table.

Step 3: Lay the right end to the left and guide it through the left loop from bottom to top.

Step 4: Take the cord end from step 3 again and run it back through the same loop, again from bottom to top. The thread end comes to lie over the other.

Step 5: Pass the end under the next thread and over the right top loop.

Step 6: The heart shape is now already visible. To complete the keychain, pull on both ends. Push all the loops together and out comes a knotted heart.

Step 7: For the ends, simply knot both cords together. Finally, only the keyring must be pushed through one of the loops - done !!!

Keyrings made of wine corks

They like to drink wine, sparkling wine and / or champagne ">

You need this:

  • 1 wine cork
  • 1 loop screw (with completely closed loop)
  • 1 key ring
  • Acrylic paint and brush (optional)
  • Superglue (optional)

Tip: Loop screws are available for a few cents in the hardware store to buy. Instead of a wine cork you can of course also (conical shaped) champagne or champagne corks use.

How to proceed:

Step 1: Turn the loop screw in the center of the wine cork. Use as much as possible the hole left by the corkscrew. Be sure to screw the screw straight into the cork. Continue until the screw is completely in the cork - until it stops.

Tip: Check with your hands whether the loop screw is firmly in the cork. Just tidy. Maybe it is not stable - the cause is probably a too big hole in the corkscrew. If you notice that the screw is not stuck in the cork, you can paste it with superglue. Ultimately, the screw should be absolutely stable so that when using the key fob, both keys and corks remain where they belong.

Step 2: Pick up the key ring and turn it onto the loop of the screw, which is now firmly anchored in the wine cork.

Step 3: If desired, you can now paint your cork with acrylic paint and a brush. From the coloring of the two ends to the design of a funny face you have many options - let your creativity run wild!

4th step: The paint then has to dry well. Then your key fob is ready and ready for use.

Scoubidou keychain braid

Also for this trailer you need a little more crafting - but fun makes the braiding in any case. This colorful keychain is woven from Scoubidou ribbons. Especially for children, the colorful rubber bands are a perfect crafting material.

You need this:

  • 2 Scoubidou ribbons
  • pen
  • superglue
  • beads
  • scissors
  • key ring

How to proceed:

Step 1: To start, attach the two rubber bands to a pin. Take the first volume and knot it on the pen. The second band is pushed through under these nodes in the middle.

Note: Make sure all four ends are the same length.

Step 2: You can start braiding. We start with the angular node. In this Scoubidou technique, the pattern becomes even and the band angular.

For the square knot, place the bands pointing up and down in a loop downwards or upwards.

Then thread the blue threads to the other side - around the first orange thread and through the orange loop on the other side.

Tighten the ribbons and in the middle you can see a small checkered pattern of four squares.

Continue weaving in this way - the pattern should then look like in our picture. After a few rows of knots, you can safely pull the tape off the pen - there's nothing apart.

Step 3: Now you can change the pattern. The round knot makes the pattern round and the colors are staggered.

For this you braid similar to before - the round knot has only a small difference.

Step 4: Now you can weave small or large pearls - you can let your creativity run free here as you wish.

For braiding pearls, they are simply put on the bands. Afterwards, braiding is continued in the desired knot technique. Take care that all pearls are in the right place before pulling tight.

Integrate a single, large bead so that it is simply pulled on all four bands. But the hole of the pearl should be big enough for that.

Step 5: When the tape is ready and has the right length, the ends only need to be fastened. Cut off too long ends with scissors. With superglue, the rubber bands can be easily attached.

Tip: Hide the ends of the ribbons in the stitches of the pattern.

Step 5: Finally, thread the rubber loop onto a key ring and the self-braided Scoubidou key chain is ready!

Paracord band as a robust key chain

Paracord bands can also be used to create keyrings. The sporty braids are robust and yet chic. You can use the same weaving technique for these ribbons as for the scoubidous ones. Detailed instructions for the paracord technique can be found here: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/paracord-armband/

Whether the variant with the knotted heart, the cork or Scoubidou bands - Each key fob does its job brilliantly and makes it also an excellent figure. For a long time, key fobs have functioned as trendy accessories and should look appropriately stylish. Our chosen and presented models present funky-witty, sometimes classic-elegant, sometimes cheeky-playful, sometimes lovely-sweet. This is guaranteed to be the right choice for everyone. Have fun crafting!

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