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Learning to tie a bow - with this foolproof trick

  • Instructions - tie a bow
    • Make loop trainers
    • Technique 1 - classical method
    • Technique 2 - two loops

Tying the shoes is a real challenge for many children. Shoelaces become real enemies and Velcro shoes are then worn. Even parents like to tend to resort more to the simple footwear - because it just goes faster. But in this tutorial we show how your children learn to tie a bow. This is done in no time and with this foolproof trick.

Instructions - tie a bow

There are two common variations, techniques for tying shoelaces. We show you both possibilities. But first, we'd like to introduce you to a creative idea that lets your kids quickly learn how to tie a bow.

Make loop trainers

With this quickly crafted exercise equipment, a so-called loop trainer, your children can practice tying the shoelace at any time, even without having to wear the shoes all the time.

All you need is an empty egg package, scissors and two different-colored laces. Use the scissors to punch holes in the individual eggcups and pull the laces through. Fasten the cords inside with two knots so that they do not slip out. At the end of the shoelaces, the bow can now be practiced.

Technique 1 - classical method

The first method is the standard method, which is the most widely used. It requires a little more skill, but is much faster and more stable. The easiest way is to clarify the binding of the loop with a rhyme or a spell. This way gives your child a playful way to learn how to do each step.

There are two cute sayings for this technique:

  • "A big, thick tree, there comes a snake, what a dream. Snake around the trunk and then crawl into a cave. "
  • "The mouse builds a house, goes around the house and comes out front again."

Or you become creative yourself and work out your own slogan together with your child, which you can then remember even better.

Explanation of the technique:

On the picture you can see exactly how the loop is tied.

First, you make a knot. The orange laces are formed into a loop and held with the index finger and thumb of the right hand ("tree").

Then you put the blue shoelace around this loop, over your index finger and thumb. ("Snake"). Now form a second loop with the blue lace. This is pulled under the right thumb by the resulting bow ("snake creeps into a cave").

Finally, the two loops are only tightened.

Technique 2 - two loops

The second method is easier to learn. Two loops are knotted together.

These two sayings are recommended for this technique:

  • "Rabbit ear, rabbit ear, once around, then through the gate."
  • "A rabbit's ear, another rabbit's ear. Cuddle up, bring in a knot. "

Again, you can create a rhyme yourself. You will see, your children will be thrilled.

Explanation of the technique:

The individual pictures show each step exactly.

For starters, you make a simple knot again. Then you form a sly (first rabbit ear) with orange laces on the right. Then you do the same on the other side with the blue (second rabbit ear).

Now the two loops in this form are simply knotted together ("once around, then through the gate"). Finished!

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