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Making snowflakes out of paper - paper cutting instructions

  • Paper cutting instructions for paper snowflakes
  • Our templates for a snowflake

The cold season you can easily experience and design creatively. White and ice blue snowflakes are beautiful decorative elements for the winter. Whether on the Christmas tree, in the icy window or integrated into a wintry table decoration - paper snowflakes are always real eye-catchers. With only a few, skillful steps, you can craft fine snowflakes made of paper. With our paper cutting instructions, you succeed in many works of art.

Snowflakes, white skirts, when are you snowing "> Paper cutting instructions for paper snowflakes

For snowflakes that you cut out of paper, you really do not need much:

  • construction paper
  • compasses
  • pencil
  • Scissors (possibly nail scissors)
  • eraser

Step 1: Use the compass to draw a circle of any size on the construction paper. The diameter of the circle later results in the height and width of the paper snowflake.

Step 2: Cut out this circle now.

Step 3: Now it is folded. First, fold the circle into a semicircle in the middle. Then this semicircle is divided once. For this, flip one-third of the semicircle up and the last third back. Try this with your fingers at the same time to find the right distances. Fold the edges well. Finally, a uniform piece of cake should come out.

This gives the snowflake three points. The more often you fold and halve the circle, the more it has pips later.

  • Semicircle third = 3 peaks (as in picture)
  • Quarter circle = 4 peaks
  • Sixths semicircle (thirds + halve again) = 6 points
  • Eighth circle = 8 peaks

Step 4: Now you become creative. Take the pencil and paint the pips, curves and holes on the paper.

Variation of the pattern

Instead of starting with a paper circle, you can also start the silhouette of the snowflake with a square sheet of paper. For that, proceed as follows:

  • fold the square diagonally once = triangle
  • fold the triangle once in the middle = smaller triangle
  • fold the triangle again in the middle = very small triangle
  • fold the center, right-angled tip to the left along the bottom edge
  • cut off the protruding triangle
  • Paint pattern and cut out

Step 5: These points and lines are now cut out. With a small nail scissors holes and small corner can be easily cut out.

Attention: When drawing and cutting always make sure that the elements are not cut apart. No outer edges should be completely cut off - the pattern must always contain connection points, otherwise the snowflake will fall apart.

You can now erase the pencil lines directly.

Step 6: Now the snowflake has to be unfolded carefully. The filigree blanks can get a bit stuck, so just take a little more time with this step.

Done is the snowflake made of paper! Now you have the tools to make many, different snowflakes. Always follow this principle. From many snowflakes you can make a snowflake garland. For this you have to pull the individual paper snowflakes onto a thread or glue them to it. In white or in light blue tones this snowflake garland is guaranteed to be a highlight of your winter decoration.

Our templates for a snowflake

Here are a few templates for you. In these templates, we show you what the snowflakes look like with 6 points (halve circle - divide - halve).

Click here: PDF of snowflake templates

Tips for quick readers:

  • Paint circle on paper and cut out
  • Fold paper circle: halve and third
  • Paint snowflake template
  • Cut out the pattern
  • Unfold snowflake
  • Decorate snowflake, hang it up or combine it into a garland
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