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Dummy chain make yourself - the DIY Nuggikette

Whether in the baby market or in the drugstore - the selection of pacifier chains is huge. But you really do not like any of the finished models despite the wide range of offers ">

Like a stroller, diapers and a romper suit pacifiers are also essential for infants. Unfortunately, the small rubber utensils that babies love to suck on are not always in the mouth - they often end up on the dirty floor. However, this problem can be prevented: pacifier chains - also known as nuggets - give pacifiers the necessary hold. In addition, the tools often look chic and become the first pretty accessories for the little ones. Although you have the opportunity to buy pacifier chains cheap in the store. However, it is much more creative and individual to produce them yourself. The crafting action requires neither a deep grip in the wallet nor excessive time, but makes fun and sense. With our tips and detailed and richly illustrated instructions, you will succeed in making beautiful nugget chains!

Before we provide you with the instructions, we would like to give you some introductory information and tips along the way. These help you to create a safe pacifier chain that does not endanger the baby. So read it carefully so as not to make a mistake that could be fatal.

A nugget necklace usually consists of a ribbon or string, various colorful pendants, a clip that is attached to the baby shirt or rompers, and a silicone ring for the pacifier. Ultimately, you enjoy great freedom in terms of the selection of utensils. Be sure to use really suitable material. In plain language: The individual parts must neither splinter nor have sharp edges. Also toxins in the materials are of course taboo. In addition, the utensils must be sweat-proof and saliva-free.

The usual accessories for a Nuggikette include pearls, rings or pendants in the form of flowers or hearts. Especially pretty - and especially fluffy - are small fabric hearts or stars. If you would like the pacifier chain to be playful for your baby, it is recommended to use plastic beads or small bells. The chain becomes very individual with cubes of letters, from which you can form the name of the child to be gifted.

Only buy clips designed specifically for pacifier chains. You can get these already from cheap two euros on the Internet or in local craft shops. The clips should have two or three air holes, because: Once it comes to the fact that the baby swallowed the clip, it gets through the holes still enough air. In addition, the pacifier chain must be tear-resistant. We explicitly point out to you at this point as well as in our manual, to make a tear test again and again. Important: The finished dummy chain must not be longer than 22 centimeters (without the clip) - otherwise there is a risk that the baby strangles!

Extra tip: In addition to all the materials mentioned, the right pacifier is also important. To protect the baby, you should pay particular attention to the shape. The section between the plate and thickened sucking - referred to as Schullerschaft - should be as flat as possible, so that the baby gets no overbite ("Overjet" or "Overbite").

Now you know pretty much everything that is important around the tinkering of a nugget chain. Let's get to the actual - the instructions. For the production of "our" pacifier chain you only need about 15 to 20 minutes time. As experienced Nuggiketten hobbyist probably even less. Nevertheless, you should not rush - the chain finally wants to be unique, even perfect.

You need this:

  • Motif or Uniclip
  • PP cord
  • 2 safety beads
  • 1-2 motif beads (depending on the length of the name - for short names 2 motif beads, for long names use only 1 piece)
  • Wooden beads (8 mm and 10 mm)
  • wood lenses
  • Letter cube for the desired name
  • 1 silicone ring (only if you want to use a pacifier without a ring)
  • scissors
  • lighter

Tip: All the materials you need to make your own DIY pacifier chain (except perhaps the lighter) are available in well-assorted craft shops - both at local stores and online. In addition to the "individual ingredients", the stores often also contain practical sets that combine a large part of the materials needed for a nugget chain. Such a mix usually costs around 15 to 20 euros.

How to proceed:

Step 1: First, arrange the individual components of the pacifier chain in the way you want them later on the PP cord. Feel free to experiment a bit - the result should inspire you (and the baby).

Note: The only components that will take a firm place and therefore can not be arranged at will, are the motif or Uniclip, the two safety beads, the silicone ring and of course the PP cord. All other utensils can be used according to your personal preferences. Your creativity is in demand!

Step 2: Pick up Motif or Uniclip and PP cord. Thread the string through the metal eyelet of the clip and make a double knot.

Tip: Check by tearing test, if the knot is fixed. Otherwise, follow suit again.

Step 3: Cut off a piece of the line protruding from the double knot (of course on the short side!).

Step 4: Grasp the lighter and weld the top of the remainder of the overhanging cord you previously cut. Work carefully. Then push the welded section down with the back of the lighter a little bit.

5th step: The lighter is used again: Weld also the other end of the PP cord. Then rub the welded section a bit between your thumb and forefinger. This makes it easier when threading the individual utensils for the Nuggikette.

Step 6: Grab one of the two safety beads and thread them on. The larger bore of the same should point in the direction of the clip. This way, you can simply hide the node from Step 3. You may need to push the bead inward a little bit so that it lays over the knot.

Step 7: Now thread the other components of the pacifier chain in the desired order - and already arranged in step 1 - on the string. Only the second safety bead and the silicone ring are not yet out, so these utensils so for the time being.

Tip: It is recommended to always use a wooden lens between two letters. The motif and wooden beads as well as bells fit wonderfully into the margins of the nugget chain.

8th step: Behind the last threaded utensil you kill two birds with one stone: they knot again and at the same time form a loop that should be about the size of the clip. This is how it works in the

a) Take the cord twice - make a loop.
b) Squeeze this loop and wrap it around your index finger.
c) Pass the end of the loop through the part you previously wrapped around your index finger.
d) Pull tight so that the knot is tight and the loop is formed.

Tip: You can also do it differently: First, make a simple knot at the end of the last threaded utensil. So the pacifier chain itself is already fixed. Then thread the PP cord back through the last threaded utensil. Here you need a sure feeling.

Step 9: Cut the end of the string down to a few millimeters. Weld the millimeter rest of the string with the lighter (just like in step 4). Also weld the knot with the lighter.

Step 10: Then pick up the second safety bead and thread it over the loop on the string. Lower the knot in the larger hole of the pearl. Tighten the loop.

Step 11: Next, grab the silicone ring and push the loop through the rear slot of the ring. Then put the loop over the front part of the ring - as if you were hanging a Hawaiian necklace around your neck. Now pull hard on the string. This creates a knot in front of the lower part of the silicone ring.

Step 12: Do the obligatory tear test again to see if the great toy is stable. Your dummy chain is ready!

Making a pacifier chain yourself is a lot of fun and gives you and the baby a charming result. All you have to bring to the creative process is a bit of imagination, little money and a minimum of time. The required materials are available in well-assorted craft shops. So order now the desired accessory, if you do not already own it, and get started!

Tips for quick readers:

  • Make dummy chain with motif clip, PP-string and silicone ring
  • Incorporate various wooden beads and lenses between the safety beads
  • Also motif beads, bells and letter cubes are pretty
  • The main task is the threading of the individual materials
  • Connect PP cord with motif clip (make knot in the string)
  • Weld cord ends with a lighter
  • Thread the first safety bead and lower the knot in the larger hole
  • Then thread the other ingredients
  • Make knot and loop behind the last component
  • String ends and knot with a lighter
  • Thread on the second safety bead and sink the knots in it
  • Attach silicone ring to the loop and tear test
  • Nuggikette may be up to 22 cm long (without clip)
  • Clip should have three holes (generally only use suitable materials - safety for the baby)
  • Accessories can be bought in local and online craft shops
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