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Swing Cloth Games - Instructions - Ideas for Kids Birthday

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Swing cloth games are an interesting alternative to classic activities at the children's birthday party. They not only promote the motor skills and coordination of children, but also teamwork and perception of the environment. The games renounce complicated rules or processes, which makes them even great for the smallest visitors. For this you only need a few swinging towels and depending on the game a few balls or other utensils.

Flywheels can be used for a variety of different purposes, and they are ideal for working and working with children. If you're planning a kid's birthday, swing screen games are an excellent alternative. You can involve as many as 20 children with a single cloth and support a variety of movements.

Swing towels can be thrown, folded, served and used as a storage for other toys or sports equipment. Just the use together with devices such as a ball is recommended here, as they can be integrated with little effort . The possibilities are extensive and with the right ideas children will have fun.

Parachute Games

10 swing cloth games for the children's birthday

If you're looking for swing cloth games, you've come to the right place. The use of large sheets on children's birthday parties is becoming increasingly popular and can be integrated into the program without major problems. The games strengthen the sense of community and teamwork, since not a child plays alone with the cloth. It is always group games that are suitable for four to 60 children and thereby even birthdays with many guests can be entertained.

For the games you need flywheels in one of the following diameters:

  • 3.5 meters
  • 5 meters
  • 6 meters
  • 7 meters

Select the number and size of the flywheel according to the number of guests. For 20 children, for example, you should choose at least a diameter of five meters so that several children can play together. For a smaller group, a 3.5 meter cloth is enough. For some games you need two cloths, which makes it possible to use two 3.5 meter cloths. In addition to the towels themselves, you also need other sports equipment or toys, which you can vary, however. These are discussed in more detail in the individual instructions.

Tip: You can also select the amount of flywheels by the allowed weight, especially if larger children play with it. On average, one of the cloths weighing around 100 kilograms will not fit in with what you should consider when planning your purchase.

Swing cloth games | instructions

Schwungtuch Hunt

The swing cloth hunting is the ideal "opener" for every children's birthday. Swing cloth games are only possible if the swinging cloth is opened before. The swing cloth hunting takes the adult off this step and ensures that the children have fun opening the cloths.

For this game you need:

  • 2 swing towels in different colors
  • Hide

You need two swinging towels, as the game is best played in teams. Divide the children into two groups and select small ribbons or tops to identify the two teams.

The game is played in the following way:

  • hide two towels rolled up or folded
  • the hiding places should be away from each other
  • the teams have to look for the flywheels
  • after finding the cloth must be rolled up
  • The team then sits down together on the cloth

The team that first spread the cloth and sat on it wins the game. The swing cloth hunting promotes not only the team play, but the coordination. The children have to talk to each other and make their team aware when they have found the swinging cloth.

Schwungtuch game hunting

At the same time the right color must be recognized, which is sometimes not so easy in the heat of the battle. If there are a lot of little guests at the children's birthday party, you can either expand the team sizes or increase the number of towels.

La Ola swing towels

One of the most popular swing games on children's birthday parties is the La Ola wave. In this, a flywheel is used to imitate the well-known movement, which is very popular especially at sporting events. A La Ola with a swinging cloth strengthens the motor skills and posture, as the little ones have to concentrate entirely on their body and the movements of the cloth and the other players. For ten children a cloth should be chosen here, since with more participants often only short waves come about.

The game is as follows:

  • Spreading cloth
  • in a circle around the cloth
  • everyone takes a grip in the hand
  • Now either a short or a high wave is executed
  • also the speed can be determined
  • also the direction
  • to move the cloth from bottom to top with swing

Especially the high waves are popular with children, because in this the cloth is swung up as far as possible and takes longer, until it arrives back on the ground. It is best to appoint a game master who determines which movement should be performed. This brings movement into play and the children have to reorient themselves, as La Ola changes with each new character.

Schwungtuch game-La-Ola

Funny mole

The Funny Mole is just one of the names used for the same swing game. Other variants refer to the mole as a shark, crocodile or even evil witch. In this game, the children are again divided, but not in teams. One of the children or one of the adults is the mole and the remaining players are the carrots that are pulled by the mole under the cloth. As you already know, for this game you only need one cloth to fit several children.

The game is played as follows:

Step 1: All players sit in a circle and the cloth is stretched and held over the legs so that only the upper body looks out. The cloth must be held slightly upwards so that the mole can move under it unnoticed.

Step 2: The mole crawls under the swinging towel and picks out one of the children, who is pulled under the cloth. As the carrots disappear from the view of the gardener, one child after another is pulled under the cloth . This makes for laughs, because the children never know where or when the mole strikes.

Step 3: A new mole is picked as soon as all carrots have been pulled down. Another variant of the game is the addition of a farmer trying to save his carrots. But this only succeeds if it pulls on a carrot at the same moment as the mole.

Schwungtuch game Mole

Colorful ball catapult

Another classic of the swing cloth games is the balls catapult, which is fun for children of all ages. In addition to a large swinging cloth from 5 meters, you will need colorful balls or balls made of plastic or foam, which should be quite light. The children stand up for this together with the swinging towel and keep it relaxed upwards. Now the balls are filled in the cloth and catapulted out of the cloth as fast as possible.

Another variant of the game is played in two teams . One team holds the swinging towel and the other looks for the balls distributed in the room. One team tries to fill the cloth with the balls as fast as possible, while the other tries to get rid of them by wave motions. If there are more balls in the cloth after the set time limit than on the ground, a team has won and vice versa. Even adults can play well in this game.

Parachute Play Ball Catapult

Introductory Game | Remember name

This game is ideal when many children are invited to a birthday party that does not know each other but the birthday child. Likewise, this helps adults to remember the names of the visitors. All you need is a cloth and as many children as you can match the cloth.

The introductory game is played in the following way:

  • Children are standing with the cloth
  • this one is moved easily
  • a game master now calls a letter
  • Children whose names start with the letter start running
  • it is a round run around the swinging cloth
  • while the name is constantly being called
  • then the place is taken again

In this way, it is easy to hear the names of the children more often, which makes it easier to remember them . You can call a letter frequently when many children start with an A, K or S, for example.

Schwungtuch game Name Remember

wave ball

Wave ball is a bit like the ball catapult. Here, two teams face each other on a swinging cloth, which try to transport the opposing balls from the swinging cloth over wave movements . Choose balls in two different colors and fill them in the cloth. The team that first shook all the opponent's balls out of the cloth wins. The best thing about this game is the ability to play it with kids of all ages and even adults.

Tip: You can also play this game with items such as stuffed toys, pillows, or other non-fragile toys. This is recommended if you have no balls available.

Schwungtuch game Wave Ball

Little angel or little devil ">
Schwungtuch game angel or devil-

Airy matter

One of the most popular swinging towel games is the airy affair. In this one child lies down with his back on the floor and the others swing a cloth from top to bottom. This creates a strong stream of air that makes children giggle. Of course, children should be careful not to move the cloth so much that the lying child hurts.

The turtle

The turtle is an interesting group game in which the children move together like the slow animal in a group.

  • Children are standing in a circle
  • the back is aligned with the center of the cloth
  • the cloth is held over the head
  • the game master sets a direction
  • Now the children have to walk together in a coordinated direction

The big difficulty of this game is the coordination . While some children go forward, others have to go backwards as the swinging towel is round. It can also be followed by the game master through the room, which is sometimes a bit easier.

Schwungtuch game Turtle


The prom is one of the swing cloth games that you can use at the end of the children's birthday. The aim is to roll up and pack the cloth during the game. A ball is placed in the middle of the cloth and thrown upwards like a catapult. While the ball is in the air, the cloth is folded a little or rolled up.

Then the ball is catapulted into the air again and this movement is repeated until cloth is rolled up. This requires a lot of coordination of children and strengthens the teamwork. Even small children can join in here.

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