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Napkins fold: Bischofsmütze

  • Fold a napkin to the bishop's cap
  • Instructional Video

A classic napkin folding technique is the Bischofsmütze. The bowl shape of the bishop's hat with the two side tips is particularly well suited to present small gifts or other decorative elements on the plate. Folding napkins is not difficult - not the folding of the bishop's cap. Here is the guide with pictures and video for you.

The Bischofsmütze can easily be folded from paper napkins or cloth napkins. Depending on the occasion and the theme you should choose the napkin color and the material suitable - at a wedding rather white cloth napkins are appropriate and at a birthday party it can sometimes be a beautifully patterned paper napkin.

Fold a napkin to the bishop's cap

Step 1: Fold up the square folded napkin once. Lay these with the closed side downwards in front of you.

Step 2: Now fold the bottom left corner along the center line. The right, upper corner is also folded, but down.

Step 3: Turn the napkin once on the back.

Step 4: The parallelogram is now horizontal in front of you. Fold the bottom half up along the horizontal centerline. Fold out the right tip as you can already see the downward pointing left tip.

Step 5: Turn the napkin on the table so that the two tips point upwards.

Step 6: Now take the left and right sides in one hand and put them together. Slide the end of the top side into the tab on the other to make the napkin cap round in shape. Push the end of the napkin far into the tab until everything stops by itself. The folded bishop's hat is ready!

Tip: With a paperclip, you can pin the ends that really holds everything.

Instructional Video

You see, that was not so difficult. Just grab some napkins just before the next party and fold on them. Your guests will be surprised!

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