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Napkins rabbits fold for Easter - Instructions for an Easter Bunny

  • Instructions for a napkin easter bunny
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At Easter, the perfect Easter decoration may not be missing - whether colorful Easter eggs or the rabbit personally. We'll show you how to fold a napkin rabbit in this simple guide. The sweet little Easter bunnies are real highlights on the laid table. It's really easy.

Instructions for a napkin easter bunny

For a napkin bunny you only need colorful napkins made of fabric or paper. Of course, a classic, white Easter bunny also looks very classy. In addition, you need a paper clip per bunny, otherwise it will fall apart again. And then it can start.

Step 1: At the beginning, fold up the napkin and place it in front of you. The open page points to you.

Step 2: Fold the napkin along once - the bottom edge on the top.

Step 3: Then fold the left and right sides towards the center, touching the outer edge.

Step 4: Then fold the top, right corner down and along the center line. Repeat on the other side as well.

5th step: Now the right and left tips are folded inwards. The outer edges run along the center line.

Step 6: Apply the napkin to the back. The two open tips point down. Fold down the top pointing up.

Step 7: Now the napkin is turned again. Then turn them so that the tips point to the right. Now fold the napkin horizontally.

8th step: Afterwards, the ears and the hind part have to be shaped only with the fingers. Then the napkin bunny is only attached to the bottom with a paper clip and he's done!

So sweet are the little napkin easter bunnies. The little rascals look especially nice in pastel colors. Of course, the color of the Easter Bunny also depends on your remaining Easter decoration - but your imagination knows no bounds.

Another great idea for Easter napkins is the water lily. Here you will find the detailed folding instructions: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/servietten-falten-seerose/

Video Tutorial

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