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Make napkin rings for every occasion - make 6 ideas for yourself

  • DIY Napkin Rings - Simple Ideas
    • Pearl Ring
    • Holzscheibe
    • For different occasions
    • ... for the children's birthday
    • ... for the birthday
    • … for the wedding
    • … for Christmas

A napkin looks much nicer when presented in a napkin ring - except that the entire dining table wins radiance through the accessory, if it is stylishly designed. Do you feel the same way ">

Whether it's a birthday meal, a wedding feast, a Christmas dinner or another special occasion: the dishes taste even better with a creative table decoration. In this context, napkin rings are great solutions. You can easily make your own - without much financial or time. We present you with eight variants that lead to magical results. The spectrum ranges from simple ideas for any occasion to slightly more detailed productions. Pick the instructions that best meet your needs and create a magical napkin ring for the next party!

DIY Napkin Rings - Simple Ideas

Pearl Ring

You need this:

  • different craft beads
  • wire
  • embroidery needle
  • scissors

Step 1: Cut off a sufficiently long piece of wire.
Step 2: Thread the wooden beads.
Step 3: Twist the wire behind the last wooden bead, which can no longer slide down.
Step 4: Cut off the protruding end if necessary.

Now, the flexible ring can be placed in different ways around the napkin. Try it.

Important: To find out how many beads should decorate the thread or piece of wire, it is best to pick up one of the cloth napkins that will be used at the feast. The rolled napkin acts as a practical guide.


You need this:

  • Holzbohrer
  • pencil
  • Hole saw (alternatively Forstner drill, fretsaw, etc.)
  • Sandpaper or file
  • Screw clamp (or similar fixing device)
  • sliced ​​branch

Step 1: First, mark the middle of the wooden disc.

Step 2: Clamp the wooden disc or secure it against slipping or slipping.

Step 3: Now drill the hole in the middle with a suitable wood drill. If you have a very large snake or wood drill, you can also drill the hole in the desired final size.

Step 4: Use the drilled center hole as a guide for the circular saw and drill out the inner part in the desired size.

Tip: First drill from one side to about halfway into the workpiece. Then turn it and drill the hole from the other side. So nothing breaks out at the edge and you get a clean hole.

Step 5: Now you should deburr all edges with sandpaper or a file to get a nice smooth result.

For different occasions

The ideas described are suitable for every occasion. In the following we would like to give you a specific recommendation for

  • a child's birthday,
  • an adult birthday,
  • a wedding,
  • Easter
  • Christmas

imagine. Choose your favorite napkin ring and follow the instructions. Have fun crafting!

... for the children's birthday

Crown or butterfly

You need this:

  • colored felt plate
  • scissors
  • felt-tip pen
  • our template
  • printer
  • hot glue
  • maybe decoration

Step 1: Print our original on copy paper.

Click here: Download the craft template

Step 2: Cut out the template with scissors.
Step 3: Place the template on the felt panel.

Tip: You can choose the color of the felt top yourself - adjust the tone to the dishes and other table decorations.

Step 4: Transfer the outlines of the template to the felt plate with felt tip pen.
Step 5: Carefully cut the crown shape out of the scissors.
Step 6: Glue the ends of the crown together with hot glue

The same goes for the butterfly napkin ring. Closed the ring is just slightly different. You simply cut the two halves of the butterfly and then insert them into each other.

Now you can decorate the napkin rings at will with decorative stones or beads. Just let your creativity run wild.

... for the birthday

You need this:

  • colored or patterned sheet of A4 paper
  • Ruler and pencil
  • scissors
  • bonefolder

Step 1: The napkin ring is folded out of a piece of paper. Cut a 4 x 29.7 cm strip from the piece of paper.

Step 2: Lay down the paper strip along with the beautiful outside, if you use sample paper, downwards to yourself. Fold the bottom edge up in the middle. Open this fold again.

3rd step: Then fold the right side centered on the left side and open this fold again.

Step 4: Now fold the right half up so that the outer edge runs exactly along the vertical center line. Repeat this also on the left side.

5th step: Now fold the right side up again and then exactly vertical downwards. Repeat this step on the left as well. Open all folds again.

Step 6: Now apply the paper to the back. For the right cross, think of a midline through the intersection. Along this line, the right half is now folded to the left. Open this fold afterwards. Then repeat the process on the left.

Step 7: The paper is turned back. Now fold the right side in this way to the left. It creates a peak on the right. Along the vertical edge, the right half is now folded back a bit. You also repeat this folding process on the left side.

Step 8: Now fold up the inner bottom corner of the right half. The upper corner is folded down against the same. Repeat the step on the left side as well.

Step 9: Then fold the right half up again along the next vertical edge. Fold the left half up as well.

Step 10: Expand the folds from the previous step. The halves are now folded as in step 9, only down. Open these folds again and you will see two new crosses.

Step 11: Now step 6 is repeated. You turn the paper over on the back.

Step 12: Now repeat step 7 on both sides.

Step 13: Now fold the lower half of the right side up and the upper half down so that their outer edges meet in the middle. The process is repeated on the other side. The folds are opened again.

Step 14: Now fold the paper on the right side about 5 mm inwards. Then apply the paper to the back and repeat on the other half.

Step 15: Now the origami ring is closed. Pass the two halves together and hook the folded ends together. To keep everything alright, reinsert the folds from step 13. Finished!

The ring holds together by itself and can now be pushed over the napkin. Especially for simple and straight table decoration, this design is most suitable.

Video Tutorial

… for the wedding

You need this:

  • real or artificial flowers (flowers)
  • craft wire
  • scissors
  • colored adhesive tape (washi-tape)
  • hot glue

Step 1: Cut off a piece of craft wire about 12 cm long. Put this twice in a ring.

Step 2: Then wrap this ring with colored tape or Washi Tape.

Step 3: Take some plastic flowers and cut them. The stems should be very short or cut off completely.

Step 4: Glue a small arrangement of flowers with hot glue to the ring. Caution: be careful with the glue, you can burn yourself very fast.

Step 5: Let the hot glue dry well. Then the flower ring can be used directly.

Of course, you can also use real flowers for this type of napkin ring - matching the flower arrangement at the wedding. Use fresh flowers (flowers), but you should create the napkin rings just before eating to keep them beautiful.

Tip: be meticulous to get a nice, even result.

… for Christmas

You need this:

  • Satin ribbon or string
  • Crochet hook of strength 4
  • scissors
  • Decoration (stars, balls etc.)
  • hot glue

Step 1: Crochet an air chain with a length of about 12 cm. Make a loop and lead the crochet hook through. Now always pull the thread through the loop on the needle until the length is reached.

Step 2: Now crochet tight stitches. To do this, pierce the last aerial mesh and pull the string through it. There are two loops on the needle. The work shop is now easily retrieved and pulled through both loops. This will keep you working until the end of the chain.

Step 3: Crochet back and forth row by row until the desired height is reached. We crocheted three rows of fixed loops.

4th step: Now the napkin ring is closed. Simply crochet the ends with tight stitches and knot the beginning and end threads together.

The napkin ring is now finished and only needs to be decorated. All kinds of Christmas decorations can now be applied to the ring using hot glue. Just let your creativity run wild.

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