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Smoker build yourself - Instructions - Incense barrel from oil drum

  • Smoker made of steel
    • duct tape
    • angle
    • drill holes
    • Ready to use

Build a smoker yourself, the wood- or coal-fired stove is very much in vogue. In our article you will find a detailed construction manual for a smoker, built from an oil barrel. For purchased devices of different manufacturers are quickly several hundred euros to invest. The alternative is close: build the smoker yourself. This saves a lot of money and the home improvement heart laughs and is happy.

Smoker made of steel

For this instruction you need a big steel barrel . Oil barrels are good. However, only a brand new barrel should be used. You never get a used oil drum clean as good as you could prepare food in it. A standard hobbock barrel with 216 liters costs about 30 euros.

For the smoker you need:

  • 1 large hobbock oil barrel
  • 1 smaller steel drum or remnants of sheet metal

Caution: Galvanized sheet metal is not suitable for the production of a smoker, because zinc is poisonous!

  • if necessary, 1 old, large frying pan made of cast iron
  • masking tape
  • 1 angle grinder with a thin cutting disc
  • 1 drill
  • 1 rivet pliers
  • 1 piece of steel pipe, eg from an exhaust
  • silicone oven
  • several long threaded rods with approx. 1 - 2 cm diameter
  • cut resistant gloves, eye protection and ear protection

duct tape

With the adhesive tape, the doors are marked on the hobbock barrel. The upper door is for the actual smokehouse. It should have at least a size of 40 x 40 cm . The larger the door, the easier it is to load the smokehouse.

The lower door should be as wide as the upper one, but much lower in height. It only serves to be able to easily insert the shell with the fuel . The smaller the door is laid out, the more precisely the temperature in the smoking room can be regulated. Approximately 10 - 15 cm height should be sufficient.


The sheets are cut out with the angle grinder. A thin sheet ensures a precise cut . For the whole barrel you will need about 5 discs. Do not throw away the cut sheets. This will be the doors later.
Cutting sheet metal with an angle grinder is extremely loud. In this work necessarily wear the ear protection, otherwise you can actually catch a sonic trauma.

When the doors for the smoker are cut out, metal strips of about 5 cm width are riveted around the openings from the inside. This measure serves to ensure that the door does not close "on impact", but gets an overlap. This closes the door very tight. In addition, the sharp edges of the opening are somewhat defused. The riveted sheets can be previously sanded with sandpaper round. So you do not accidentally cut yourself in the hand when filling the smokehouse.

When the panels are placed in the smoker, the door is installed. For this purpose, the previously cut sheet metal is attached to the barrel with hinges.

Tip: For the handle no metal, but a piece of wood about 10 - 15 cm long should be used. A metal handle heats up and you would burn your fingers when opening the chamber.

drill holes

Now you drill exactly opposite holes above the large door in the plate and put the threaded rods through. You should have a distance of about 5 - 8 cm to each other. The threaded rods are bolted from inside and outside and cemented with oven silicone. The lower door is also provided with a hinge, a handle and a side smoke trap.

In the lid of the smoker (barrel) a hole is drilled, in which the steel tube fits into it. The tube is laterally sealed with oven silicone. Sheet metal clamps inside and outside prevent the tube from slipping into the smoking oven.

Ready to use

Now the smoker (smoker) is almost ready for action. For health and taste reasons, however, he has to be "burned out" once. To do this, fill the lower shell with coal and close the upper door. The lower one leaves open, so more oxygen gets to the kiln and it generates a bigger heat. The barrel oven is allowed to smoke for 2 - 4 hours, then he is ready for the first load of fish.

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