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Sayings for the Poetry Album - 45 funny and creative ideas for the book of friends

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The poetry album is a magical invention. Anyone who asks his friends to immortalize themselves in it, and takes good care of the precious treasure, may still be happy as a grandmother or grandfather about a great memento of his life. Conversely, as a friend you have the opportunity to leave "eternal" marks on the other person - with a suitable proverb. In this extensive contribution, we collect classics and their own sayings that are often funny and sometimes more profound. Choose your favorite thoughts - or make yourself some!

Would you have thought "> Poetry album - sayings

Funny six-line

"Three little flowers for you,
because I'm your girlfriend.
The first is for happiness,
the second says, never be alone.
The third but quietly speaks:
I think of you, do not forget me. "

"Did you get pimples or fever,
no matter, there we stand over it.
Whether you are poor or rich,
remember, I'm the same.
Are you wiser, you become more stupid,
you always stay my friend. "

"If you were once a grandmother
sitting in the big old armchair
and you from your grandfather
steals a big kiss,
then think in your luck
even back to me. "

"You are red,
a big idiot
are you blue
then again pretty smart.
I do not care
I always find you awesome. "

"I thought
how it works
I want to write you a spell
stay with a thought.
But you are so much for me,
that I say, I love you. "

"I want to be connected forever,
never leave you alone,
Go for it with you through life
to Alaska or Vienna.
THe main thing is that we are together
and never go up in flames.

"Think me stupid
and consider me crooked,
do not take me seriously
and see it as a joke,
when I text you,
that I do not always stay with you. "

Funny quatrain

"When the rivers are flowing upwards
and the rabbits shoot hunters
and the mice eat cats
Only then will I forget you. "

"Stay funny, stay happy
like the pug in the paletot.
Our friendship does not end,
before the pug speaks French! "

"Whenever I think of you,
wobble all the chairs and benches.
Even the old sofa
jumps into the air for joy. "

"Like to write in the album,
because I do not want to be forgotten,
would rather still be in the heart,
because the album can be lost. "

"Be smart
never become a wife.
Before the wedding you get roses,
after the wedding, you patch trousers. "

"Wear sun in the heart,
have pizza in the stomach.
Then you are happy
and you are full, too. "

"Are you sad, are you worried,
shall I lend you my smile ">

"Without flowers, without dreams,
without fun and somersaults,
without rice and soy cream,
life would be really banana. "

"You are right,
the world is bad,
almost every person is a villain.
Only you and me, not us both. "

"I thought back and forth a long time,
which would be appropriate for your album.
That reminds me of the beautiful saying:
You should always be happy! "

"Did not bend at any time,
unless you are doing sports.
Never let yourself down to envy,
but always keep your word. "

"I know someone I like,
and if I tell you quietly now,
that you are that somebody,
I hope you never forget it! "

"When I lay in the garden and slept,
An angel came to me and shouted:
Dumb, stupid, you have to hurry
and the lovable into the album. "

Tip: You can also replace "dumb, stupid" with your name.

"I write you the last sheet,
because I like you the most.
Whoever has you better than me,
he's writing behind me, please. "

Tip: Of course, you can only use this saying if you really want to put your friend or girlfriend on the last page (and preferably at the bottom to make sure ...).

Funny two-liners

"The flowers need sunshine
and I need you to be happy. "

"Do not get fat and stay lean,
a fat account makes some sick. "

"Let the sun into your heart,
send every pain to the desert. "

"Are you worried or distressed,
just dial my number. "

Profound sayings

"A friendship is like a tree:
It does not matter how tall she is,
but how deep their roots reach. "

"Friendship is like a door between two people:
She can sometimes creak, she pinches now and then,
but she is never closed. "

"Good friends are like lanterns on the way,
they do not make the way shorter,
but sometimes lighter. "

"A flower is over,
a fire goes out,
an apple is ruinous.
Only our friendship
is immortal. "

"A leaf is not a tree,
a grain of sand,
a droplet no sea.
So give me your hand:
One alone can be afraid
one alone has a hard time.
But we are together
like the tree, the sand and the sea. "

"The greatest happiness in this world
is not an account with a lot of money.
The best thing is, I want to call it,
it's about knowing someone like you. "

"It is not important
that in life someone is
has something or looks like something.
The important thing is that you do something
build something, change something. "

"Who knows others, is wise,
he who knows himself is wise;
whoever conquers others is strong,
he who conquers himself is indomitable;
whoever knows how to be frugal is rich,
who enforces his will, is willing to will,
Whoever does not lose his nature, lasts long,
He who goes and yet does not perish, lives forever. "

"Be allegro in the decision
and adagio in enjoyment!
Who loves piano his friends
and forte does his duties,
he plays in sweet harmony
the most beautiful symphony of life! "

"Our time passes quickly,
take the lessons as they are.
Are they angry, let them pass,
are they good, then look forward to it. "

"Watch your thoughts,
because they will be your wishes.
Pay attention to your wishes,
because they become your words.
Watch your words,
because they become your works.
Watch your works,
because they will be your destiny. "

"You are at home in my heart,
release my pain in the air,
are my best friend in hard times,
I want to accompany you all my life. "

Funny quotes

"The slowest, who does not lose sight of his goal,
is still faster than the one who wanders without a goal. " (Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, German poet)

"Does life seem rough to you,
be quiet and do not hesitate:
The time, the old ironing woman,
makes everything simple again. " (Wilhelm Busch, German poet)

Inventing spells yourself

Basically, anyone can invent little sayings for the poetry album. There are no rules. The important thing is to choose the words and the entire statement in such a way that they fit with oneself and also with the person who owns the poetry album.

Here are some tips for independent sayings:

a) Would you like to compose a funny four-line rhyme ">

"Live without you,
It would be like sticking to the office chair,
stupid and bored,
like that bland fourth line. "

Important: In a rhyming spell always make sure that the syllable lengths of the individual lines harmonize with each other (sound good and not bumpy when you speak them one behind the other).

b) Would you like to write a profound spell in the poetry album? Then in the first step you just need an idea for a "story" that you want to tell with the poem - example: "Nothing can destroy our friendship".

Following this motto, consider several lines that refer to it. These lines do not necessarily have to rhyme. Here is an example conceived by us:

"The hardest can be shared,
whether stones, concrete or cement.
But our soft friendship
can not destroy a tool of the world,
she is like the air,
everyone needs to breathe. "

Dare - you too are able to write funny or profound phrases for the poetry album!

Incidentally, you can also immortalize yourself in your poetry album - on the first page, with the following very funny saying:

"Esteemed ladies and gentlemen,
do not tear leaves out of me,
otherwise it's with the friendship. "

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