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Stars to print - free coloring page for drawing

  • Stars for printing
  • Material and preparation

Not only at Christmas time, the little sparkling stars are popular. The enchanting and self-luminous celestial bodies are a part of crafting and decoration ideas. We've put together some stars for print as a free coloring sheet for you to quickly paint and craft a colorful star deco for the Christmas tree or adorable gift tags for your loved ones. Or decorate your advent table decoration, your windows in your cozy home or the dining table for the upcoming and contemplative festivities with these colorful stars. Create your very own starry sky for your little ones, for your loved ones or for yourself.

Stars for printing

After coloring the free coloring sheet for the stars to print, they can be cut out and used as Streudeko or even glued together one above the other. You can also stick together two brightly colored stars on the back with the unpainted pages, and so your stars even radiate from both sides. Just let your creativity and that of your children run wild while coloring and crafting the many stars, because there are no limits to creativity here.

Material and preparation

With colored pencils, fiber sticks or glitter pencils in light or pastel colors, you can easily use the stars prepared for you by us as a free coloring page and color them in your very own way.

You can also use the outer contours of the stars for printing as templates. To do this, cut out the stars from the coloring page and simply transfer the contours of the selected star to thinner cardboard, cut the star out of the cardboard and then use this cardboard star pattern for additional stars, which you then use of colored construction paper or sample paper can cut out. So you get monochrome stars or stars with patterns for your winter and Christmas decoration.

required materials for stars to print:

  • our free Coloring Pages for coloring for various stars and star shapes, Free Download: Stars for print
  • colored pencils
  • fiber posts
  • Glitzermalstifte
  • crayons
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • Glue, Bastelleim or hot glue
  • colorful construction paper or sample paper

Step 1: Print out our free coloring page with a printer.

Step 2: Pick up colorful fiber pens, crayons or the like and give the printed stars and star shapes their individual look.

Step 3: Use the painted stars as decoration or as a gift tag. For the latter, simply punch a hole in a tip of a star, for example with a punch, and pull a small loop with a piece of thread through it. And the stars can also be used as a trailer for printing.

Tip: The stars can also be described as painted at the beginning of this article, then individually cut out and then glued together.

And with a jolt, your magical star deco is finished! Have fun with you and your little ones when coloring and tinkering with different stars.

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