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Straight fit jeans - definition for women and men

  • Definition and characteristics
    • Straight Fit: Translation in German

Jeans are one of the basics of the fashion world since the end of the 19th century. They are produced in numerous cuts and are available for different styles. The basis of all variants is straight-fit jeans, which have had exactly this form since the patenting by Levi Strauss and which has changed only slightly on average over several decades.

The straight fit is standard on jeans and forms the basis of all other designs. The first jeans, made as workman's trousers, were straight and provided enough legroom to keep them from being too tight through the fabric. The workers could easily move in the pants and this advantage is still the case in today's straight fit, only the models were adapted to the modern designs. The cut, however, differs significantly by gender, since men and women have a different body shape.

Definition and characteristics

Straight fit jeans are the classic denim shape and have straight legs that do not narrow or widen in shape. It is often sought a comfortable-casual form, through which the pants sticking further from the legs and offers plenty of space. Especially in everyday life, the straight look is good. The typical features of men's straight jeans are the standard of fit and cut:

  • Rise: mostly normal, low, high
  • straight leg
  • normal cut
  • continue in the step
  • Everywhere the same denim is used
  • normal length
  • does not stress the figure

As this cut is a straight leg without emphasizing a particular body shape, it is equally suitable for muscular, thin, normal or strong body shapes. That's why the jeans are also a staple in every wardrobe. For women, that looks a bit different, because where straight jeans conceal in men, these ladies can be set shapeless. They have the same characteristics on average, but are a little closer to the skin. For this reason, these jeans should be worn mainly by slimmer women or women with longer legs, otherwise unfavorable points are emphasized.

Tip: Ladies who follow a "boyish look, " a boyish look, can incorporate straight jeans into their outfits, as the fit looks more masculine.

Straight Fit: Translation in German

The fashion world has focused on a number of languages ​​over the years, including English and French. Since jeans come from the US, the English terms for the former workers' trousers have also become commonplace and nowadays names such as straight fit are typical among the manufacturers. To help you understand what "straight fit jeans" means, a simple translation into German that matches the definition and characteristics of the pants is enough. The two words translate mean:

  • "Fit": fit
  • "Straight": straight, straightforward

As you can see, the translation shows how to fit the jeans; quite the opposite to other denim styles whose English name is more complicated.

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