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Crochet legwarmers - Instructions for arm warmers

  • Material and preparation
  • Instructions - Crochet cuffs
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    • Leave thumb hole free
    • Crochet the cuffs
    • Crochet edge
  • Crochet ornament

Arm warmers can fulfill many functions. For some they are accessories, for the other practical sports companion. In cold days they warm hands and arms. For example, gauntlets, also known as wrist warmers, can also serve as heat donors in the office. The arm warmers get special value if they match the individual outfit and are individually made. You can do that yourself now!

The crochet pattern shows you how to crochet your individual cuffs. In fitting length and width, cleverly enchanted with a little eye-catcher, you can create your very own arm warmers in your favorite color with just a few movements and reap admiring comments for your new eye-catcher.

Material and preparation

You need this:

  • a crochet hook in strength 4.5 (4 to 5)
  • 50 g of wool to match the needle size in your favorite color
  • Yarn residues in a matching color
  • A button to your taste

You must have:

  • stitches
  • chain stitches
  • strong stitches
  • whole chopsticks

Instructions - Crochet cuffs

You can individually crochet your gauntlets exactly as it is for the new owner. Whether you're crocheting the leggings for yourself or for your child or grandchild does not matter. However, for the first round you need the right amount of arm to wear the gauntlets. They catch the gauntlets from below, ie from the side that faces the elbow. Determine the arm circumference at the point where the cuffs should end. The crochet pattern crochets gauntlets that begin about 10 centimeters in front of the elbow. It is crocheted in rounds. Depending on the arm diameter, 30 to 40 air meshes are required. In the crochet pattern we assume 32 air meshes.


Hit 32 air stitches and join the airlocks with a slit stitch.

Tip: Crochet loose loops. This will make your cuff more elastic.

1st round: At the beginning of the first round, crochet an aerial stitch. In the first air mesh of the round of air mesh a crochet is crocheted.

Tip: Crochet the tight stitches of this round into the back of the mesh. This gives a very clean finish to the hem.

Crochet a single crochet into each mesh and finish the round with a slit stitch.

2nd round: At the beginning of the 2nd round, crochet three air meshes. In the first stitch of the first round a whole stick is crocheted. In each fixed loop of the first round a whole stick is crocheted. The second round is also finished with a chain stitch.

The further rounds are crocheted as a repetition of the 1st and 2nd round. Here, the pattern, so the alternation between rounds with fixed stitches and rounds with whole rods can be done arbitrarily. However, you should note down the episode to be able to repeat it on the second arm cuff. The following sequence was used in the crochet pattern:

  • a = fixed stitches
  • b = whole sticks

a - b - a - a - b - a - b - a - a - a - b - a - b - a - a - b - a

In this regulation 17 rows were crocheted. In the 11th and 12th row, two stitches are mashed together. Because the arm narrows towards the wrist. In the last 3 rows (15th, 16th and 17th row), single stitches should gradually be doubled again, so that in the 17th row 34 stitches are created. So your arm warmers are suitable for the wide palm.

This results in approximately a total length of the arm warmers in this step of 13 centimeters. Up to this point, the arm cuffs for the right and the left side can be crocheted identically.

Leave thumb hole free

From now on crocheting in rows continues. Instead of the final round by a warp stitch, the series is simply finished without a rounding and the work is then turned. This happens in the following sequence:

  • a = row with fixed stitches
  • b = row with whole chopsticks

a - a - b - a - a

Begin the series with the sturdy stitches as before with a spiral air stitch and the rows with chopsticks with three spiral streaks. In this way, 5 rows are created, which represent a sufficiently large thumb hole.

Crochet the cuffs

The next row, however, is again crocheted in rounds. This means, in the last row of fixed loops (a), crochet an airlock as the beginning of the next round. The next tight stitch is crocheted over the thumb hole into the first stitch on the other side.

The next two rounds are crocheted in tight stitches according to the sequence: a - a. You should take stitches or merge so that you have at the end of the two rounds a number of stitches, which is divisible by four. Only then can a uniform pattern emerge in the following round.

Crochet edge

The last round for the arm warmers is crocheted in shell optics. This forms a particularly romantic ending for the arm warmers. For this purpose three crochets are crocheted in the first stitch of the new round. Then crochet a whole stick in the same stitch. Now follows an air mesh, then two more whole sticks in the same stitch. Now 3 stitches are left out. In the fourth stitch you crochet again 2 whole sticks, an air mesh, 2 whole sticks. This principle follows the pattern:

  • b = whole stick
  • l = air mesh
  • * = Omit stitch

bblbb (***) bblbb ...

Repeat the pattern as many times as you have held multiples of 4 stitches in the last round of the tight stitch.

In the present example there were 28 meshes. That means, 7 shell combs were crocheted.

Now the arm cuff is ready. You can start crocheting the second arm cuff.

Crochet ornament

The ornament serves to beautify the playful arm cuff a bit. For this, a cuff is crocheted from the yarn into eggshell white. For it 10 streaks are struck.

Subsequently, crochet stitches along one side of the mesh. This is done in each Luftmaschenseite a solid mesh. In the last air mesh 3 crochet stitches are crocheted. Crochet back on the other side. In the first mesh, in which you have crocheted a crochet, crochet at the end of two more strong loops.

The round is closed at the end with a chain stitch. The result is an oval, which is now completed with another round of fixed stitches.

In each stitch a crochet is crocheted. Only 2 crochets are crocheted in the corners of the oval. This results in 24 fixed stitches.

These stitches are chained off with warp stitches. Now the decorative button can be sewn on it.

Then the decoration is sewn on the ankle side of the arm cuff, left so left next to the thumb hole, right alike right next to the thumb hole. This gives the arm cuff a playful look and is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher. Sew all threads and you can enjoy your new leg warmers.

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