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Make christening candles yourself - ideas for crafting and designing

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  • Tips on design
  • Ideas for beautiful christening candles

The christening candle is one of the most important elements in baptism. Of course, there are numerous variants for more or less money to buy. But often the personal touch is missing. Therefore, it is especially recommended for craft friends to make the candle itself. How exactly this works is explained in this article!

You can live up to the Christian faith you want - but the baptismal candle is definitely a very beautiful symbol. She should accompany the baptized person from the beginning and brighten his path through life. At the classical ceremony, the candle is lit by the Easter light of the altar. Subsequently, the godfather carries the luminous element to the newborn on behalf of the baptized child.

Given the importance of christening candles, it is particularly important to choose a perfect design for the offspring. Fortunately, there are great DIY opportunities. Following a general guide will follow some tips and concrete ideas for design. Enjoy the creativity!


The required materials at a glance:

  • white candle blank *
  • colored wax platelets or rolls **
  • Decorative elements ***
  • scissors
  • box cutter
  • long needle
  • Wax adhesive ****
  • stable, non-slip surface
  • possibly printer
  • thicker cardboard
  • craft glue

* The size of the candle you can choose at will. However, it is recommended to use a long and relatively thick design. So you have more space to decorate them. A suitable dimension is for example 350 mm / 50 mm (L / Ø).

If you would like to design the candle not only individually but also to make the blank yourself, this guide will help you: make candles yourself

** Popular and suitable colors are gold, red, pink (girls) and light blue (boys).

Tip: There are also prefabricated wax tiles with motifs and letters. However, the candle will be a little less DIY. For craft novice, the utensils can be very helpful. Depending on the symbol, the average cost per piece is about three to five euros.

*** Depending on how you want to design your candle, you will need different ornamentation elements, such as motif and letter stencils, beads, stones, shells, decoration bow and so on.

Tip: As motifs, traditional symbols such as crosses and angels or something more modern, such as a rainbow or a butterfly, come into question. These are just examples, you are completely free in your choice.

**** If you want to decorate the candle with accessories such as beads, stones or shells, you need a wax adhesive to secure them securely. The aid costs about five euros.

Basics Guide

Step 1: First of all, choose your favorite motifs. For example, you can use Google Image Search. Maybe you already have pictures at home.

Tip: Our template is the fastest. Take a look at the file - there may be motifs that you like.

Step 2: If necessary, print the pictures (or our template).

Click here: To download the templates

Step 3: Glue the thin copy paper on slightly thicker cardboard.

Note: This makes the stencils easier to grip.

Step 4: Carefully cut out the motifs with scissors.
Step 5: Place wax plates in the required colors on the base.
Step 6: Now place the motifs on the wax plates.
Step 7: Pick up a long needle or a pencil.
Step 8: Frame the motifs with needle or pencil on the wax plates.

Tip: You do not have to press too hard. It is important that the template line is slightly visible on the wax.

Step 9: Grab the carpet knife.
Step 10: Carefully cut the motifs out of the wax plates with the knife.

Tip: Work very meticulously so that the result is as perfect as possible.

Step 11: Attach the motifs to the christening candle as desired.

Do not want the elements to stick properly ">

Tip: The crowning finale and the perfect rounding off form a color-matching decoration loop, for example in gold or silver (depending on which colors the candle otherwise has).

We advise you to leave the candle alone for another two hours so that everything can solidify.

Tips on design

In principle, you can let your creativity run free when designing the christening candle. Nevertheless, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to live up to the occasion and to achieve a completely successful result. Here the "To-dos":

a) Always choose white as candle color. As chic as a different colored version may look, it just does not quite fit for baptism.

Note: White symbolizes, among other things, purity and a new beginning. No wonder then that all christening candles are kept that way. The attributes simply harmonize perfectly with what is behind the baptism: the start of a fresh, innocent life.

b) Match the motifs and decorative elements as well as the colors of each other well.

Tip: You do not necessarily have to integrate ecclesiastical motives. However, the symbols should remain stylish for the occasion. A car, for example, has nothing to do with christening candles.

Also, be sure to use only two to a maximum of three color groups - unless you use a rainbow, then it may of course be a few more tones. In this case, however, it is advisable to keep the rest of the design in terms of color quite simple.

c) Orientate yourself in the selection of motifs and accessories also in the season in which the baby is born. For example, the already mentioned rainbow would be a very colorful element for the summer. Flowers are a perfect match for spring. In winter, a snowflake does very well, while as an autumnal symbol, for example, a tree with colorful foliage could look great. Of course, these are only suggestions, you will probably come up with more motifs for each season.

d) Do not overload the candle with too many individual elements. After all, the whole thing should not be a collage, but a beautiful and quite eye-catching, but also modest, elegant work of art. You should also keep the text short.

Tip: Great effects can be achieved with small scattering articles made of metal foil. They make the candle sparkle in the light - that's a promising design for a bright life.

e) One crucial point: Only use items that are not flammable.

f) Alternatively or in addition to pasting with various accessories, you can also paint the candle creative. Special wax colors are available for this purpose. If you are artistic / painterly gifted, that's a very nice idea.

Tip: It is best to enter "candle stick" or "candle liner" to find suitable products. The costs amount to about two to 20 euros, depending on the size and manufacturer.

Ideas for beautiful christening candles

Idea # 1: Rainbow with maritime symbols

A very nice variant for a "summer baby": Colorful rectangles in rainbow colors, which have maritime (and to a large extent also Christian) symbols, such as a fish, waves, a boat and a seagull. In addition simply the name of the child, the date of birth and some small stones in unobtrusive cross form. Restrained yet expressive.

Idea # 2: Butterfly with integrated cross

Especially suitable for girls: A brown-gold cross, creatively embedded in a butterfly with pink wings. Mount the name and the date under the noble motive, as well as a loop that picks up the pink of the butterfly.

Idea # 3: Bötchen as a central motif with borders

It is often used for boys: A blue-and-green bunny on indicated waves in the center of the candle, including the boy's name and date of birth. At the bottom borders in different blue and green tones, sometimes monochrome, sometimes with a subtle pattern. On the "back" of the candle a short spell that fits the motif.

Idea # 4: Cross-shaped stars in multiple colors

Relatively simple, but very radiant - in the truest sense of the word: stars in different, coordinated colors, some with glittering elements (not all, which otherwise seems exaggerated), arranged in a cross shape. Including the name and date of birth of the baby.

Idea # 5: Beautifully drawn tiger as a force symbol

Hardly any other animal stands for strength, beauty and grace than the tiger. Although it is a rather unusual motif for christening candles, it is anything but inappropriate. Important: Use / draw a nice drawn picture, also like a little childlike.

Idea # 6: Tree of Life for a long way

A candle, whose center adorns a large tree of life, also looks very noble. It is advisable to make the leaves in two shades of green and gold. The golden elements may quietly shine and / or shimmer - a very pretty sight. The design is rounded off by the name and birth date of the newborn.

Idea # 7: Curved cross in colored stripes

Classic and modern in one: a curved cross, decorated with glittering elements, embedded in a broad, longitudinal stripe, which stands out in color from the cross and almost forms its background. In addition to the name and date of birth possibly add a small symbol, such as a butterfly or a flower.

Idea # 8: Baby footprint with angel wings

Extremely creative and individual: use the original footprint of the baby as an angel's body and make wings and a small head. Add the name and date of birth again - a unique christening candle is ready!

Use the ideas as an inspiration - and if you have made your own candle, post a picture of it in the comments, it would be great to us and other readers!

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