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Make teabags - instructions and ideas for making your own

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Tea is always given as a gift and also very much liked - because a really good tea appeals to almost everyone. With our clever idea you turn your tea gift into an individual highlight. They ask you like ">

Whether as a birthday present, Valentine's Day or at Christmas - you can always give away tea. Often there are a variety of varieties in the best packaging for a lot of money to buy. But we would like to introduce you to a slightly different, more affordable and creative alternative - homemade and individual teabags.

Instructions - Make teabags

For DIY teabags you need:

  • blend
  • needle
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Teefilter
  • tablespoon
  • yarn
  • construction paper
  • pencils

Step 1: First think about a design for the tea bag - this should of course fit, either for the type of tea or for the occasion, to which you want to give away the tea. Draw the motif on the tea filter with a pencil.

Step 2: Then cut out the motif with scissors. Since tea filters are small bags, the paper is already double - so you can cut out the front and back just in one go.

Step 3: Now sew the tea bag along the edge with needle and thread. Make sure that the gaps between the stitches are not too big, otherwise the tea might crumble out later. Make a knot in the thread at the beginning and start sewing.

4th step: The tea bag is not completely sewn. Leave a small opening and set the needle and thread aside. Thereafter, the finished tea mixture is filled through the opening in the tea bag.

Note: The tea bag should not be overstuffed - the small herbs and tea ingredients should be able to fall back and forth in the bag. One tablespoon per bag should be enough.

Step 5: Now the bag is sewn up, the thread knotted and cut off.

Step 6: So that the tea drinker also knows what he is eating there, a tag must not be missing. Cut a small rectangle or square out of construction paper. This is labeled and then attached to the tea bag with a piece of thread.



Whether on Valentine's Day, Christmas or as a birthday present - with the different designs for the tea bags you can cover so many occasions.

Valentine's Day



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