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Tight fit jeans - what is it? Meaning & Definition

  • Definition and characteristics
  • Tight Fit - translation into German

Jeans are available in all styles and cuts. Tight fit jeans also fall into this category and present a figure-hugging fit that looks more classic, yet can be fashionably combined with other garments. The cut is more commonly associated with women, although there are many designers who offer matching tight fit men's jeans.

The tight fit jeans are a cut reminiscent of skinny jeans and slim fit. The fit is a distinct variation of the basics and is defined by a close-fitting shape and a classic style that always looks elegant and relaxed at the same time. The Fit is often offered to women and offers a way to make your own legs appear longer, which of course offers a variety of styles. But even men can benefit from the unique fit, especially gentlemen with long legs who really want to put every inch in the right light.

Definition and characteristics

The tight fit jeans are pants that are tight to the body, but not as bad as skinny fit jeans. In the definition, they sit a bit farther on the hips and thighs, but narrow sharply from the shins, so the wearer should not have too many muscles or problem areas in those places. The features as follows:

  • Rise height: normal, high, rarely low
  • Tight fit on trouser leg and in the hip area
  • not so tight in the hip area
  • on the shins and calves especially "tight"
  • figurbetonend

Anyone who wants to wear tight-fitting jeans must be careful not to have too many extra pounds on their thighs or calves. Above all, the fit emphasizes the length of the legs and is ideal for combining with boots and elegant footwear, which makes the shape even more spectacular. Even small women benefit from the fit, especially if a variant with a high waistband is chosen.

Tight Fit - translation into German

Fashion, fashion, couture - clothing is currently offered in a variety of terms that are no longer purely German. Above all, this applies to garments from the English-speaking world, including the jeans. The original is from the USA and used to be a work trouser, but over the course of a century it has become the style-defining basic that must not be missing in any wardrobe. In addition to the name itself, the fits are also given in English, which can still be confusing for some Germans. The translation of tight fit jeans consists of the following elements:

  • "Tight": tight
  • "Fit": fit

Tight fit thus describes a jeans that has a tight fit as described in the definition. But once again, the translation gives an idea of ​​what the term really means.

Tip: Tight Fit not only describes the fit of tight fitting jeans, but also includes Skinny Fit and Slim Fit. This depends mostly on the designer.

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