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Tomatoes peel in just 1 minute - peeling made easy

Fresh tomatoes - there is nothing better! But the taste-neutral skin of tomato can be distracting in some dishes by many. Even after heating, the hard shell of the tomato can still be very firm. Therefore, in this tutorial we will tell you how to make tomatoes skin, in just a few seconds.

The tomato is native to Central and South America. Only around 1900, the nightshade plant was also known in Germany. At that time the tomato was mostly used only in soups or sauces. Of course, that's different today. Whether blanched, filleted, happens or just so - the tomato is ranked 2nd most popular vegetable varieties of the Germans, just after the potato.

The only drawback: the skin of the tomato. It can be very disturbing in soups or sauces, and it is also tasteless. So it often turns out to peel and skin the tomatoes. The outer, thin but very firm skin of the tomato is removed. In the following instructions we will show you how.

Tomato skin - instructions

Step 1: To begin, remove the tomatoes from the stalk.

Step 2: The tomato is now carved on the opposite side of the stalk. Cut a cross in the skin with a knife.

3rd step: The technical term for the following method is "blanching". This process allows you to peel vegetables more easily. It also refreshes the color. Put the tomatoes in a bowl and pour boiling water over them. You prepare hot water directly with the kettle - this is faster than with a saucepan on the stove. The tomatoes should be in the hot water with the cross down for about 30 seconds.

Step 4: The next step in blanching is quenching. Carefully take the hot tomatoes out of the water with a spoon. The tomatoes are then quenched - put them in a jar of very cold water. The skinning process starts almost automatically and the cold water stops the cooking process immediately.

Step 5: After a few seconds, remove the tomatoes from the water and peel off the skin with the tip of the knife. Ready - so you can peel and peel tomatoes.

Now you can process the tomatoes as you wish.

Tomatoes from the microwave

An even faster method for peeling tomatoes is to microwave them for half a minute. But this variant carries two risks: the danger is great that the tomato bursts and that causes a nasty mess.

Microwave the engraved tomato for 30 seconds at 650 watts. Then you can also peel off the skin, as far as the tomato was not completely crushed. This method is more for daredevils with less time.

So if you want to skin tomatoes, we recommend blanching - the tomatoes stay healthy, they do not cause chaos and it really is not more time-consuming.

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