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Traditional and funny gifts for the topping

  • Traditional gifts for the topping-out ceremony
  • Funny gifts for the topping
  • Personal Topping Out Gifts
  • Nice little things
  • Originally packed (money) gifts
  • The saying for the topping-out ceremony

The gift for the topping-out ceremony should be traditionally elegant or funny-original, depending on the client's personality, and a lucky charm must be there as well. The whole thing depending on popularity more or less consuming and personal, the taste of the expectant homeowner should also be taken exactly - especially when the time is pressing, this is no easy task. In the article there is help and a wealth of creative ideas.

A traditional gift for the topping-out ceremony is just the thing for some homeowners, for others it's more of a fun gift, the next one will need all financial support from the world (also in beautiful packaging, of course) - a broad field, which is followed by a comprehensive overview :

Traditional gifts for the topping-out ceremony

A new house is a real adventure, and life in this house should be under a good star, so lucky charms are among the most popular gifts for the topping out ceremony.

Bread and salt are very traditional in pretty packaging, because behind this gift is a deeper meaning: "bread and salt" assure the builders that they will never starve as residents of this house, that they live in the new house a good life.

A well-known lucky charm for a long time is the horseshoe, which used to protect the most valuable horse. According to the Turkish proverb: "The nail saves the horseshoe, the horseshoe saves the horse, the horse saves the rider and saves his land." The luck of the horseshoe was soon to protect other areas: properly attached to the house, the horseshoe should be misfortune Keep away from illness, protect, prevent evil spirits from entering. Correct, however, was in need of interpretation:

  • the horseshoe must hang up with the opening so that luck does not fall out; down because the U-shape symbolizes devil's horns; open to the right, because then it becomes the C for Christ

  • a pragmatic spirit invented the always lucky horseshoe at the entrance:
    • a horseshoe with an opening up on the threshold: here happiness falls into it, the second with opening down over the door holds the happiness forever
    • At least three hoof nails should also hang in there, then it brings particularly good luck
    • The lucky charm should be attached to New Year's Eve at the front door, not before
    • There are real horseshoes in the next riding stable, as well as hoof nails - ask when the blacksmith will come next time
    • but it may also be a homemade horseshoe made of wood, z. B. decorated as a name tag or creative
  • Or many small metal horseshoes, for every door in the house
  • You could decorate the horseshoe with engraved date from the topping, a blessing should be attached in any case, joy could also bring a beautifully decorated and fun written instructions for hanging (when, where, how many, how and why)
  • For Christians, you could also add the third horseshoe, which must be hung with the opening to the right

Also Buddha figures are there as lucky charms and could delight homeowners - they stand for the promise of a happy age. The horseshoes or Buddhas do not have to stay alone. You could pack a pretty gift basket that looks great on a table of collected gifts.

In the z. B. a folding rule into it, that fits well, after the topping is indeed the interior. Of course, not just any ruler, but one with meaning or meaning, conceived by you and imprinted by a Zollstockdruckerei.

Good wishes in stock can be printed on coasters, which have their first appearance right at the topping-out ceremony. According to your wishes printed coasters you can z. B. order at Bierdeckeldiscount.de, in many colors and shapes.

Currently coming back are protective emblems, which are attached as a lucky charm on the front ridge / gable. For example, broom (exorcise the evil and bad weather), the rooster on the weather vane (guarding the house) or crossed horse heads (intended to fend off pestilence).

At the moment the Guardian Angel is in high demand again, which you can find in nearly 22, 000 different designs on Dawanda and many artisans.

All of these ideas, complemented by a bottle or two of the owner's favorite wine and a potty of evergreen for the garden, make for a nice gift basket. But bread and salt and other lucky charms can also be "pimped" with delicacies to the gourmet gift basket, z. As a noble drop, great ham, sausage and cheese. If you choose an attractive handle basket, the gift basket itself can be used for a long time.

Funny gifts for the topping

The construction was exhausting enough, the builders are happy to vote a topping gift:

  • Really funny roof and gable jewelry is at dachschmuck.de, the little green dragon, the witch, who rides on the gable, the cat peeking in front over the ridge

  • Sunlight in the jar (with solar cell and LED) ensures that the sun always shines in the new household (Geschenkefuerfreunde.de)
  • One-year wisdom, 365 cards in the can, could help the builders over the interior design period (Joiner's shop)
  • How about a house blessing as a gift "> Design3000)
  • You can also give away a piece of Gartenglück, 72 floral advices for green times (Wolpertinger's department store)
  • Or Fortuna's lucky light (tealight with good luck message from Pigmento), garnished with a few vials of frustration (Weisenbach Edelbrände) for a nice evening during the further construction activity

Personal Topping Out Gifts

If you know the builders very well, the topping gift should also be personal, here are a few suggestions:

Great topping gifts for those who know the taste of the builders well are custom designed tiles . For the bathroom, the guest toilet, the garden grill - you can design custom tiles according to your pattern, such as photo tiles. Really noble: Tiles individually designed by artists.

Many builders can give you a great deal of pleasure with their work and / or gifts. For example, with a voucher for a few days child care, for a few transport trips and baby carrier. Gifted work could be manifested in a tiling co-operation voucher, garden help, and an on-call touch-up voucher.

Even a house tree is a very personal gift, but only appropriate, if you know which trees the landlords like. Including help with planting, of course, to allow the builders free time planning, this gift should be presented as a voucher.

Or a noble and illuminated house number, including voucher for the installation or assistance in attaching.

Maybe you play in a band or know artists, then you could give live music on the topping.

The personal gift will be even more personal if you make it yourself:

  • Artistic house blessings z. B. can be painted, embroider, engrave in metal, bake from salt dough, pottery
  • Good house blessing texts are abundant on the Internet, from the divine to the satirical house blessing
  • The novice DIYers could build a Bird Feeders House
  • Or a nesting box, or an insect hotel, so that birds and insects can quickly migrate into the new garden
  • The popular door wreath is also transformed into a topping gift

  • A self-made, colorful letterbox matching the house and the builders is also suitable

Nice little things

If you are invited to the topping-out ceremony, but the builders do not know you very well (for example, if the builders are your new neighbors), you need just the right little thing that pleases, without seeming too inappropriate:

  • Thematically related to the building is a trowel inscribed with nice sayings, is given away with the owner's favorite schnapps and a few pretty glasses
  • A funny doormat always arrives, expressly designated as a "placeholder", until the homeowners have time to choose the right design solution for their home
  • As the house will look like, you will know, you could choose a nicely shaped house number
  • For well-being in the new house provides a nice little room well, maximum relaxation after strenuous interior design activity
  • According to the Feng Shui harmony theory, not only refreshes and cleans, but should also bring money blessing into the house, which should be on a pinned card
  • Luck brings a whole bowl full of "lucky clover on the (magnetic) stem", for the fridge or with magnetic pin board
  • If there is a new building plot without any planting, you could give away small plantlets that can later be planted out

Originally packed (money) gifts

Builders rarely suffer from financial abundance, often the only thing really needed is money, but they should be presented in original packaging:

Bread and salt in a creative guise can be very well "with a small envelope" peppered:

  • A small bread and a special salt in the glass and the crucial envelope are wrapped in attractive tea towels and presented as a gift
  • For example bread in a clay pot, salt in an elegant salt shaker, the whole in a beautiful shopping basket with the "decisive plus"
  • Or loafed bread, piggy, shamrock, horseshoe, salt as exquisite sea salt spiced with spices

  • To bread and salt and envelope is definitely still a blanket cleaned penny, which stands for "blessings in the new house"

A " gift of money in detours " testifies that the donor has made thoughts, z. B. the coupon for the much needed new sofa. This coupon could z. B. with and in a cushion for exactly this sofa will be presented (with hanging wide red band, so that the builders find the coupon too)

  • Also a money gift in another form is the shopping voucher, z. B. for purchase in the nearest hardware store
  • Quite generous comes a million shredder money therefore, which is given away with the envelope with real notes in the mini suitcase.
  • In the shop of the Deutsche Bundesbank you also get real banknote bills, in the decorative picture frame a blast money gift
  • "The builders in the mouse money box on the similarly labeled and painted tray with foam mice find" a few mice for the new home "
  • Or you can fold the bills that you want to give away to animals, shirts or even hearts and flowers - you will find various folding instructions with us: Folding money presents

The saying for the topping-out ceremony

The gift for the topping-out ceremony is only really complete with the right slogan. This need not be a real verdict to bring this carpenter's saying (the Kranzrede) from the carpenter or the Polier: Since the 14th century, the topping out ceremony of the shell and the roof truss celebrated in the carpenter / Polier in a short speech architect and builder thanked and asked for God's blessing for the soon completed house. Then a sip on the welfare of the homeowner follows, the emptied glass flies from the roof and should shatter on the ground, the builder hits the last nail, the Richtschmaus begins on the site.

They can and should join the carpenter at about this time, a blessing for the soon completed house and future residents is always welcome. If you are reluctant to speak publicly, the personal sentence is presented in writing with the greeting card. Suitable sayings, which can be presented with the congratulation for the topping-out ceremony or which can be attached to the congratulation for the topping-out ceremony, can be found on the following pages:

  • de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zimmermannsspruch
  • festpark.de
  • sound-planet.de
  • sprueche-universum.de
  • verseschmiede.com
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