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Our top 52 texts, sayings & quotes for private Christmas cards

  • Our top 52 texts, sayings & quotes for private Christmas cards
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Christmas is the feast of love, and that's expressed most beautifully with personal Christmas cards. Even designed cards for your friends and relatives are very special.

An important part of your Christmas cards are the matching texts, sayings and quotes. Some funny, some Christian or contemplative. In any case, they should fit the decoration of the Christmas cards. Here you do not need to become a poet yourself, because there is already a large selection of Christmas sayings and quotes. We have selected the most beautiful ones for you.

Our top 52 texts, sayings & quotes for private Christmas cards

Contemplative Quotes

Be inspired by famous quotes!

1. "Christmas time is a reminder time." - Rainer Kaune

2. "That is the miracle of the Holy Night, that the bright sun shines into the darkness of the earth." - Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

3. "Christmas is the big time of too much." - James Henry Leigh Hunt

4. "The Merchandise Christmas is not the true Christmas." - Kurt Marti

5. "Christmas is not a season. It's a feeling. "- Edna Ferber

6. "Just as the buds of the Barbaras branch open up until Christmas, man too should open himself to the coming light." - Johann Georg Fischer

7. "Jesus is coming into our night so we can come into his light." - Peter Hahne

8. "The night before the holy evening, there lie the children in the dream. They dream of beautiful things and the Christmas tree. "- Robert Reinich

9. "The way of giving is more important than the gift itself." - Pierre Corneille

10. "From the sky into the deepest fissures a mellow star dies down; From Tannenwalde scents rise and breathe through the winter air, and the night becomes candle-lit. "- Theodor Storm

11. "Merry my heart shall leap this time, when before Freud all the angels sing." - Paul Gerhardt

12. "Winter is for the children, the youngest are used to it, an angel is coming, the wing gold, worth the good children." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

13. "Behold, what has God given: his Son to everlasting life. He can and wants to lift us from suffering in heaven Freud. "- Paul Gerhardt

14. "O Christmas! Christmas! Highest celebration! We do not grasp their bliss. She wraps the blessed mystery in her holy veil. "- Nikolaus Lenau

15. "Loveleping draws by candlelight, mild, like the scent of the woods, the Christmas season, and a simple happiness sprinkles on the threshold beautiful flowers of the past." - Joachim Ringelnatz

16. "And now, from the darkness, Christmas is making its stars sparkle! The angels in heaven are heard kissing and the whole world smells like pepper nuts. "- Arno Holz

17. "Float down, holy night, shine us again, star full of splendor. Grab the strings, Heavenly Chorus: Most beautiful of the times, climb up! "- Clara Forrer

18. "Christmas is in the air only when Christmas is at heart." William Turner Ellis.

19. "The snow trickles softly, the lake lies still and rigid, the forest shines for Christmas, rejoice, Christkind is coming soon!" - Eduard Ebel

20. "For a candle, it's not the wax that matters, it's the light." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

21. "God's Christmas world is full of messengers and some are on their way!" - Albrecht Goes

22. "Advent, Advent, a little light is burning. First one, then two, then three, then four, then the Christ child is at the door. "- Volksgut

23. "The wind in the winter forest drives the flock of herds like a shepherd, and many a fir suspects how she will become pious and serene in light." - Rainer-Maria Rilke

24. "And so the world slowly shines towards Christmas. And he who holds them in his hands knows about the blessing! "- Matthias Claudius

25. "The first makes the secret bliss of this time and ignites the inner light in the hearts that Advent is blessed with the promises of the Lord." - Alfred Friedrich Delp

26. "A festival is approaching, a celebration like no other. A feast whose spirit spans the world and proclaims the message over mountains and valleys: Christ is born. "- Joachim Ringelnatz

27. "You only see well with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes. " Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

28. "We should not be happier in Scripture than in the fact that Christ is born of the Virgin Mary." - Martin Luther

29. "Hand clings to hand in close circles, and the old song of God and Christ trembles through souls and quietly proclaims that the smallest world is the greatest." - Joachim Ringelnatz

30. "Oh, dear, holy Christian, do not come when it's dark. Come in the bright moonshine, throw me nuts and apples in! "- vernacular

31. "Holy night, with a thousand candles you rise solemnly, oh, so go in our hearts, star of life, rise up!" - Robert Eduard Prutz

32. "There open the door and the gates, there comes the children's cheers, out of doors and out of windows breaks, the candles warm life light." - Ernst von Wildenbruch

33. "He, the Lord of glory, dresses in baseness. He wants to be our Savior and free us from sin. "- Matthias Claudius

34. "A pious magic keeps me again, adoring, amazed I must stand; it sinks on my eyelids a golden childhood dream, I feel it - a miracle has happened. "- Theodor Storm

35. "Come, look, maiden child, then you see in the cradle heaven and earth, and a hundred worlds lying." - Angelus Silesius

36. "Loving-woman draws by candlelight, mild, like the scent of the woods, the Christmas season." - Joachim Ringelnatz

37. "It is nice to meet the eyes of those who have just been given something." - Jean de la Bruyère

38. "We do not grasp any god other than the one who is in every man who came from heaven. I start at the crib. "- Martin Luther

Funny sayings and quotes

Combine humorous sayings and quotes with happy card designs, such as a dancing snowman!

39. "It is very doubtful that geese, carp and turkeys regard Christmas as salvation." - Gerrit Vissers

40. "It's the seventh time that my mother-in-law comes to us at Christmas. This time we let her in. "- Woody Allen

41. "One of the dangers of Christmas is that we receive gifts from our wife that we can not afford." - Robert Lembke

42. "Sex without love: terrible! Like Christmas without easter eggs. "- Robert Sternberger

43. "Christmas - A celebration of joy. Unfortunately, too little is laughed at that. "- Jean-Paul Sartre

44. "The tree burned, the gift forgotten, the goose is already eaten up, and on the table only stupid gifts. Well then, a beautiful Christmas Eve! "- unknown author

45. "There are actually people who organize Christmas. Is that funny! "- Gustave Flaubert

46. ​​"Father's most difficult task at Christmas: make it clear to the children that he is Santa, and make it clear to the woman that he is not." - an unknown author

47. "It will be Christmas! My whole house smells of brown cake - understands itself after mother's recipe - and I sit, so to speak for weeks in the bauble of the Christmas tree. Yes, as I see the nail of my thumb, so is the already halfway gilded. "- Theodor Storm

Christian Christmas texts

Christian greetings are especially suitable for nativity scenes!

48. "And behold, a voice from heaven said, This is my dear son, in whom I am well pleased." - The Bible, Matt. 3:17

49. "And the angel said unto them, Fear not! Behold, I proclaim to you great joy that will befall all the people; for today the Savior is born to you, who is Christ the Lord, in the city of David. "- The Bible, Luke 2:10 f

50. "For a child is born to us, a son is given to us, and the government rests on his shoulder." - The Bible, Isaiah 9: 5

51. "The people that walk in the dark see a great light, and it shines bright upon those that dwell in the dark land." - The Bible, Isaiah 9: 1

52. "Open the door, the gates far! Here comes the Lord of glory, a king of all kingdom, a savior of all the world at the same time, bringing with him salvation and blessing, and joyfully singing: Blessings be mine God, my Creator rich in counsel. "- Georg Weissel
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