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Video: Tie gift loops - great loops from gift ribbon

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Whether at Christmas or for extravagant birthday presents - beautiful gift bows are a must for any surprise. In this tutorial, we show you four super-simple variants for binding gift bows.

Gorgeous self tie bows

In this tutorial video we show you today unique gift loops that you can easily and quickly make at home. Thus, from now on, each of your gifts is an absolute eye-catcher. And it's easy!

Not only now - in the pre-Christmas time - beautifully designed gift loops are the special icing on your gifts. Even at birthdays, weddings and other anniversaries you can give your package that little something with homemade gift loops. Let us take you today in a colorful, glittering and dazzling world!

Difficulty level 1/5
(easy to implement with children)

Material costs 1/5
(variable depending on the basic material, but very favorable)

Time required 1.5 / 5
(depending on the exercise)


In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make glued, folded and bound gift ribbons. Depending on your taste, choose your basic material in your preferred colors and materials.

The elegant glued loop

For this loop you need gift ribbon (with or without side wire - gives different effects), double-sided tape (or photo adhesive), a pair of scissors and a gift that you want to package.

Cut five strips with the lengths 8 cm, 12 cm, 16 cm, 15 cm and 20 cm. The three strips with the lengths 12 cm, 16 cm and 20 cm fold each once in the middle and glue over this fold double-sided adhesive tape. Carefully fold the outer edges towards the center (no fold should be created here) and then glue them firmly and form the resulting arches nicely. Then fold the 15 cm tape lengthwise (edge ​​to edge) and cut it diagonally on both sides. Then mark the middle again (fold) and attach it to the gift with double-sided adhesive tape.

Gradually glue the three prepared loops in the middle of each other, starting with the largest one. Apply adhesive tape on both sides of the 8 cm piece at one end. Fix one side directly on the loop, make a circle and also press the other end (either form the circle first and stick it to the loop).

Tip: If you use a gift ribbon with motif, make sure that the adhesive strips are always attached to the inside so that the motif remains visible in the sheets. Sometimes, however, there is a particularly nice effect when alternating the inside and outside of a tape. Be creative!

Now thread a strip of gift ribbon (which once must pass around the gift - including a glue patch of about 2 cm) through the circle in the middle and glue both ends to the back of your gift. Drape the loops again - and you're done!


The classic triple loop

This bow looks especially nice with a slightly wider ribbon (from 3 cm).

To create, wrap the tape four to five times around your open hand, gently pull the inner end out sideways, and then fix everything with wire. The individual loops can now be pulled out laterally and fanned out. Then the loop is laid so that both ends point downwards. The ends are folded in the middle (please make sure that no fold occurs) and the ends are cut off at an angle. Finally wrap another narrow strip of the same ribbon around the center. On the one hand this covers the wire and on the other hand you have straps at the back of the bow to attach it to your gift.


The mini fork loop

This type of loop is suitable for narrow gift ribbons that are to be formed into rather smaller loops. As a deco on gifts or as a loop on wedding pins they are particularly popular. You can also work in two or more colors. You will need the desired gift ribbon and a pair of scissors.

Begin by putting the band over every other prong of the fork, and then "weave" it over two other prongs of the fork in the same way, until you have changed a total of five times. Gently push the bands together in the middle. Then thread a tie (in the same or a different color) in the middle tine opening and knot the five rows with it. Now cut off the protruding ends of the fork at an angle, turn your fork and carefully pull your finished loop from the tines.


The voluminous loop

For this you need gift ribbon without wire edge. Especially beautiful is the bow with wider gift ribbon (at least 2.5 cm). As an aid, use a square piece of cardboard (or four times folded paper) of the desired size. In addition, you need scissors and a few inches of a narrow gift ribbon.

Place one end of the gift ribbon centered on your box about one centimeter up the center. Then wrap the ribbon around the box eight times by flipping it up. Make sure that the initial part of your tape does not slip out, especially during the first turns. After the eighth turn, the side should be up again on which the open end (the starting piece) lies. Lay the tape over it and then cut it off about one centimeter from the edge of the Katon. Now take the upper layers with both ends between their thumbs and forefingers and carefully pull out the cardboard piece with the other hand. Take the back layers to it. Now cut out a small triangle on both sides in the middle (hold the layers well, so that nothing slips).

Tip: To prevent slipping, you can also fix the loop in the middle with a pin. Just not too far on the edge, if a small hole from the puncture remains - that would not be so nice!

Now take a thinner gift ribbon and place it from the back exactly in the resulting tips of the triangles and knot it several times. You can tighten the knot correctly. Then pull the loops out sideways and turn them 360 degrees and your loop is ready. You can now attach them to the wider band on your parcel using the thin gift ribbon.
As a small extra, here comes a variant without a gift ribbon: an origami paper ribbon.


Origami bow made of paper

You need a square sheet of paper that is printed on at least one side (or monochrome if you like it better).

Quarter the paper lengthwise and then up, then diagonally and then fold it up again to reveal 8 triangles.

Now bend two of the diagonally folded corners inwards and fold them into a smaller square. The motif side should come to lie inside.

Now fold the upper corner forwards and mark this fold firmly. When you open the sheet completely, a small square in the middle is now visible. To make the next steps easier, you can now repaint all four sides of this square so that you stand out well.

Then press the center of this square toward the motif side and fold the four corners down. Two of the short sides are pressed inwards, so you have another square (minus the upper corner) in front of you.

Fold down the two upper edges, turn their square and fold down the other two upper edges.

Then carefully open your sheet. The small square in the middle should be preserved.

Now apply it and cut the given folds carefully. The resulting upper side is then folded down and the side edges are folded to the middle.

Likewise the other side. Work carefully so that the paper does not tear anywhere.

Now bend the sides of your square towards the middle and then cut straight up the center line to the small square.

The middle is then folded outwards on both sides.

Now, turn the almost finished loop and bend the side tips inwards so you can hide the ends under the knot and your paper bow is done.


Much pleasure in grinding bind!

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