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Make bird mask - Instructions with template and template

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They are looking for creative ideas for colorful bird masks to make their own - their children will be amazed by these ideas! The following instructions include templates and templates for printing, as well as a clever idea for crafting a bird mask made of egg carton. Carnival can come!

Whether it's Carnival or the motto birthday party - kids love masks, dressing up, storytelling. Especially colorful bird masks are popular with boys and girls. In this tutorial, we show you how to creatively and quickly create self-made masks for the bird costume together with your children.

Bird mask - template


We have prepared three bird masks for you to print as templates. Choose a variant and print it out. Then all elements are cut out cleanly with the scissors and used as a template.

  • Bird mask - template 01
  • Bird mask - template 02
  • Owl mask - template

Make paper

You need:

  • Working creatively
  • Clay or pattern cardboard
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pencil
  • Lochzange
  • rubber band

Step 1: If you have cut out the template elements clean, they will be transferred to colorful construction paper in pencil. Use thicker cardboard to make the bird mask, this one is more stable.

Step 2: Then cut these elements clean too. The eyes prick before cutting with the tip of the scissors.

Step 3: Then simply glue the elements together with glue.

Step 4: Use the punch pliers to punch a small hole in the bird mask on the left and right.

5th step: Through this a rubber band is threaded through to fasten the mask. Finished!

Tinker felt mask

You need:

  • colorful craft felt
  • needle
  • scissors
  • thin felt-tip pen
  • rubber band
  • hot glue

Step 1: Transfer the outlines of the elements to the felt using a felt-tip pen. Use different colored felt to make the elements stand out nicely.

Step 2: Now the elements of the bird mask are carefully glued together. Start with the beak. Stick this on the base.

Then stick the eye party on the beak, also here you pay attention to clean and even distances. The small eye borders, as well as the three crown elements are finally attached with hot glue.

Step 3: Wait for the glue to dry. Use the needle to attach a rubber band to the bird mask on the left and right for attachment.

Make egg carton mask

A great and creative idea for upcycling is this bird mask! You can easily convert old egg carton to masks. We show you how.

You need:

  • empty egg carton
  • feathers
  • scissors
  • rubber band
  • hot glue
  • possibly acrylic paint and brush


Step 1: The bird mask consists in the base of a piece of an old egg carton. Cut the item with the top and the two eggs bowls next to it from the box. Use the pair of scissors to cut the curves so that it looks like this. Then two holes are cut in the coolers.

2nd step: Now the cardboard can be painted. The beak gets a yellow color and the rest turns red. Acrylic paint is best for that. Allow the paint to dry long enough to continue tinkering.

Step 3: Then the springs are attached to the inside of the bird mask using hot glue. Arrange the springs arbitrary or system, this is up to you. However, you should think carefully before gluing where to choose which spring.

4th step: With the point of the scissors you now punch a hole in the mask on the left and right - these should be at the same height.

5th step: Then thread a sufficiently long piece of rubber band through these holes and knot the whole thing.

Tip: Test out the length of the rubber band beforehand. For this place the rubber band around your head, from temple to temple. Cut a few inches less, so that the mask is under tension and fits well.

Done is the bird mask!

On Carnival and for children's birthday, of course, other animals may not be missing. In this tutorial we show you how to make carnival masks from paper plates: children's masks made of paper plates

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