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Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo parquet - what should be considered?

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Bamboo parquet has many advantages. So it tolerates, for example, in contrast to other parquet woods moisture much better. But this point can also be a problem for the bamboo parquet in a well-heated living room. What you have to consider when buying and subsequently laying bamboo floors is shown here.

Due to the advantages of bamboo as a material, prefabricated parquet made of bamboo is becoming increasingly popular. The look is particularly unusual in contrast to the normal wood look of other types of parquet. Bamboo is often cheaper than perhaps an oak parquet. But with a floor heating, the wooden grass plant often does not tolerate. But you do not need to be so careful when wiping the moisture. Here's what to consider when buying a bamboo floor.

Advantages of bamboo parquet

One of the biggest advantages of bamboo is its fast growth. The Asian plant grows up to one meter per day. Therefore, especially in times of deforested forests bamboo is a material that causes a good conscience. In addition, the exceptional design of bamboo is a real change in the floor coverings.

  • fast growing material
  • special design
  • tolerates a lot of moisture

Disadvantages of bamboo parquet

One of the advantages of bamboo is at the same time a disadvantage. Because a bamboo flooring needs moisture and therefore tolerates neither dryness nor permanently high temperatures.

  • Floor heating not possible with most floor coverings with bamboo
  • It may even be necessary to install a humidifier
  • permanently high room temperatures lead to joints and cracks
  • Bamboo parquet can squeak more

Additional Information

Carrier layer weak - prefabricated parquet fragile

Some manufacturers take advantage of the fact that bamboo is quite firm and resistant. The backing layer under the wear layer is then often too thin to save costs. The wear layer is probably not sufficient due to the high quality material of the bamboo, to make the soil stable. Experience has shown, however, that the heavy furniture placed on the flooring will easily cause dents or even the breakage of the individual panels. Therefore, a support layer of MDF or stronger plywood should be selected.

laminate layers

Tip: Movable furniture must be equipped with felt gliders. Although the surface of bamboo floors is stronger and more resistant, it can easily scratch it. In addition, it protects the nerves, if not every dislocation of a chair immediately causes a loud scratching or digging.

Bamboo parquet preserved alive - high humidity

Bamboo grows very fast and requires a lot of water. This is also a great advantage in the flooring with bamboo, because it remains very resistant to moisture. Therefore bamboo is often laid in damp rooms as a floor covering. In the kitchen or in the bathroom many other types of parquet can not be used at all, bamboo, however, is just right. Because the floor covering even needs moisture, so as not to shrink or cause damage. However, this high demand for moisture can also be detrimental.

Humidity should never fall below 55 to 65 percent on a bamboo floor. In living rooms where a stove might be operated, experience has shown that this high value is difficult to maintain. Depending on the nature of the bamboo floor, even permanent temperatures of over 20 degrees can cause damage to the parquet. The floor forms joints and can throw or even break.

Tip: If you still want to lay a bamboo floor in a living room, you should probably resort to a humidifier. At first glance, it may seem detrimental and exaggerated to buy a humidifier just for the flooring, but the higher humidity will not only benefit the floor, but also the people living in the rooms.

Cleaning instructions for the bamboo floor

First of all, you have to decide exactly whether it is really a solid wood parquet made of bamboo or whether you have a laminate floor in front of you. The individual layers in the laminate floor can separate if the humidity is too high. Accordingly, the cleaning instructions are completely different.

For all soils with bamboo you should only use very mild cleaners . In some common household cleaners in addition to high perfume parts also dyes are included. Although the clear blue of a household cleaner looks fresh and stimulating, an oiled bamboo floor could absorb the blue color. Especially if the oil has not been applied sufficiently everywhere or has already been washed off by frequent cleaning, the wood can take on some of the color. This tint would never be removed again as it penetrates deeply into the bamboo wood.

  • Use mild detergents without dyes
  • Parquet damp, but not wet
  • no water puddles on parquet, because it then swells up
  • careful with too much moisture in laminate with decorative layer

Buying tips and prices of bamboo

Not everything that bears the name parquet must also be parquet. Often it is a laminate floor, which finally does not have to be disadvantageous. Especially not when the floor is to be laid floating. Unfortunately, the price gives no indication of the type of soil and its quality. Often the term bamboo parquet merely serves to set the price a little higher, without paying attention to the pros and cons. Bamboo floors are generally quite expensive, which is not always rewarding for the user, especially if it is basically just a laminate with a decorative layer of bamboo.

  • Industrial parquet bamboo light untreated - laying units 1500 x 2500 x 10 mm - suitable with special adhesive for hot water underfloor heating - 37, 00 Euro
  • Prefabricated parquet bamboo light brown oiled natural - 3-layer construction with 4 mm wear layer - Clicksystem - installation units 2200 x 190 x 15 mm - not suitable for underfloor heating - 58, 00 Euro
  • Strip parquet bamboo light brown untreated - multi-stick glued - tongue and groove - laying units 960 x 96 x 15 mm - not suitable for underfloor heating - 40, 00 Euro

Tip: The base layer of the bamboo floor should be made of a harder material. You can recognize a high-quality laminate or parquet with bamboo at the greater strength of the entire panels. But the strength of the parquet does not just tell you about the price. Even if the price per square meter is higher, you can not necessarily assume a really stable high-quality parquet. The industrial parquet described above, for example, is very cheap at about 37 euros, but even better than the finished parquet in terms of quality.

Solid bamboo parquet is available online at www.bambus-parkett.de . Here we have received samples in excellent quality. The price in the shop are also moderate.

Features for a high quality bamboo flooring

Even if, as I said, often parquet stands, it can certainly be laminate. It should be checked what the quality of the base course is and how the overall strength and structure of the individual panels are.

  • Backing only MDF or real bamboo wood "> Practical experience with bamboo floors

    Also helpful in making a decision are always the experiences that other users have made with a particular material. This already starts when laying the bamboo floor. For home improvement, a fully glued parquet is not easy to lay. Prefabricated parquet, however, has a connection with tongue and groove, which is much easier for a skilled craftsman. However, this floor must also be glued. In a move that can be disadvantageous. A laminated floor with a bamboo coating may have disadvantages compared to a real parquet in durability, but it can be very easily floating due to the click system. Therefore, many home improvement course prefer to lay bamboo laminate instead of parquet despite the slight disadvantages.

    Squeaking at the real wood parquet made of bamboo

    Even if the real bamboo parquet has been fully glued by a professional, many users still have problems with the squeaking of the floor. The reasons are clear, because too high a room temperature, at least for bamboo, causes the wood to dry out and shrink. As a result, the soil works very hard and can be noticeable with a common squeak. In addition, the parquet can thereby also dissolve from the ground. However, many users have had particularly good experiences with bamboo parquet in the winter garden. In any case, if the winter garden is not heated permanently over 20 degrees warm. The humidity is a bit higher here, which is very accommodating to the bamboo. You only have to take care with flower tubs, which are directly on the ground. There are slight edges on the wood and stagnant moisture causes the parquet to swell.

    Hard surface - tough but vulnerable

    Although bamboo has a harder surface, many homeowners find the bamboo floor quite delicate. Playing children or the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner as well as furniture can easily create scratches in the hard surface. If it is then a parquet or laminate that you can not grind, that is very annoying. In many forums, therefore, the owners of bamboo finished parquet complain about the shabby sight that showed the flooring after three to four years.

    Tips for quick readers

    • Check the quality of the flooring before purchasing
    • Consider other users' experiences
    • Bamboo parquet rather in the kitchen and bathroom embarrassed
    • Bamboo ideal for unheated conservatories
    • Wet wipe no problem with bamboo floor
    • Use mild detergent without dyes
    • Bamboo needs permanently high humidity
    • Temperatures constantly over 20 degrees harmful
    • If necessary, install humidifier for the parquet
    • often no underfloor heating possible
    • Underfloor heating only possible with certain adhesives
    • always stick felt glides under movable furniture
    • Bamboo laminate easily gets dents
    • Scratches by vacuum cleaner on the surface
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