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Remove Wall Decal - Instructions - Remove adhesive residue

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Wall tattoos have been a popular means of beautifying one's own four walls for several years. They are becoming increasingly popular and often used as an alternative to classic murals and posters because of their characteristics. The reason is the simple method of attachment, because they just have to be glued to the wall. Here comes the question: is the removal of the wall tattoo just as easy ">

With a wall tattoo new possibilities for the design can be integrated into one's own ambience, without the need for a tesa film, nails or screws. As a result, possible damage to wallpaper and wall are avoided, which must be repaired especially for subtenants in an excerpt. Wall tattoos, on the other hand, use an adhesive that is easy to remove and only leaves adhesive residue in a few exceptions. You can use this to your advantage, because no matter if you want to take off or replace the existing tattoo with a new one, as long as it is replaced correctly, no subsequent work has to be carried out.


When removing a conventional wall tattoo, it is all about the right preparation and matching utensils. While not much is needed, some tools are better for the task.

You need this:

  • Tweezers or thin nail scissors or arrows with tip or cutter
  • spatula
  • hairdryer
  • possibly spray bottle filled with water and a dash of detergent
  • possibly glass cleaners that are not too aggressive
  • cotton cloth

The water and the glass cleaner are needed if the wall tattoo is too tight and difficult to remove. Also includes the hair dryer, which can greatly facilitate the removal of the tattoo. Another reason why water and detergent can aid in the removal are adhesive residues.

Tip: If you do not have any of the above tools, such as the tweezers, you can also use your fingernails. These should only be robust enough so they do not break off, which can hurt.

Remove Wall Decal: Instructions

The following guide will help you quickly and effectively remove an existing tattoo on the wall and from other surfaces such as glass. Especially children like to stick everything with stickers and also with wall tattoos, which can sometimes make the removal a bit difficult. Follow this guide:

Step 1: First, you should pick up your nail scissors, tweezers or the tool you have chosen. Try dragging the tool slowly under the wall tattoo to lift it slightly. If not, you should prepare the tattoo on the wall using one of the following methods:

  • spray it gently with water and dish soap and let it soak
  • use the hair dryer and heat the glue of the tattoo

If the tattoo is on another surface, for example a glass table or a wooden cabinet, soften it with sufficient window plaster before.

Step 2: If you have soaked the wall tattoo, then use the spatula and remove it carefully. To do this, push the spatula under the tattoo with enough pressure and it should come loose.

Step 3: If you try the hair dryer, you should first focus on a part of the wall tattoo and not on the whole. This gives you full control over the individual parts of the mural, making it easier to remove. After a few minutes, make sure that the material does not melt, it is easier to peel off. But do not burn yourself. This method is especially suitable for glass or non-woven tattoos.

Step 4: If the mural can be lifted with or without preparation, you must remove it carefully. It is advisable to do this very slowly, so that the image does not tear immediately and is therefore harder to remove. Only pull in one direction, for example, up or down. Always start with the corners.

Step 5: As you remove the tattoo, peel off some of the wallpaper or wall paint, notice the hair dryer and warm it up.

Step 6: After removing the entire tattoo, dispose of it and check the surface.

Step 7: If there are any adhesive residues, which is extremely rare, soak them in with sufficient rinsing agent and carefully remove them with a spatula. Be careful not to damage the wallpaper or paint.

Step 8: Then dab the wall and let it dry sufficiently.

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