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When should you plant lavender - planting time and distance?

  • The right time to plant lavender
  • The right distance for lavender

Lavender is quite frugal and can be planted anytime during the growing season, just not too early and too late. The right distance is for the good prosperity, but also for the optimal effect not unimportant.

The right time to plant lavender is always when the soil and air are nice and warm. In short, the right distance is always respected when a variety of lavender at least gets the space that it needs in height, but it may usually be more.

The right time to plant lavender

Lavender plants can be planted outdoors from May . More specifically, from mid-May, after the Eisheiligen, so that the heat-loving little plant so no longer get late frost.

If you have raised lavender from cuttings, they can be put into pots / tubs at the beginning of breeding in the spring around the end of July, where they then also overwinter frost-free. Next spring, these lavenders can be set outdoors so they can root well until next winter.

If at some point in the growing season you buy or give an older lavender, it depends on the season, the condition of the plant and the weather conditions of the region, whether it can still be planted out.

  • A strong lavender, purchased until July, can be planted in not particularly cold regions in the same year (He has enough time to root himself right up to winter)
  • In more friendly locations, you can plant a well-developed lavender by mid-September (unless you have purchased a species / variety that requires particular heat ...)
  • If you're not sure if lavender has enough time to root before winter, it will get winter protection or be overwintered right in the house.

Tip: If late in the year you have bought delicate, laxing lavender in the special offer and in not very trusting looking substrate, they should first move from their mini-pot in a spacious pot with garden soil-sand mixture. By the time you feel comfortable and gain strength, it may be too late to plant outdoors. Such lavender should be kept in the house for the winter, as described in "How to overwinter lavender properly", and planted next spring.

The right distance for lavender

In the garden

At what distance a lavender should be set can not be set as flat rate:

  • First, it depends heavily on the type of lavender
  • There are lavender that grows a meter high and lavender that settle for about 30 cm
  • The maximum growth height causes a corresponding spread
  • The decisive factor depends on how many lavenders decorate which garden location
  • Individual lavenders can be planted quite far apart like solitaires
  • The average lavender is about 50, 60 cm high and goes about the same width in free growth
  • He needs at least half the plant height planting distance, depending on the symmetry of the group planting more
  • The small-sized lavender varieties can be set a bit closer in relation
  • Up to a row planting, which acts like a small hedge, here the planting distance can shrink to 20, 25 cm

In the pot

For lavender in the pot, it is important to first correct distance, if you want to attract many cuttings that root in the smallest possible space.

You can put several cuttings in a pot if you use the following trick:

  • Use clay pots, which, unlike plastic pots, leave oxygen in the root area
  • This oxygen in the earth should promote the root development of the plant cells
  • The cuttings are therefore stuck on the outer rim of the pot, where they should drive better than in the middle part
  • Every few centimeters, a cutting can be set, it needs about 4 cm for each side root development
  • When the root has taken this space, the cuttings are transferred to a larger pot

In the balcony box

In addition, it depends on the right distance in the balcony box, depending on the type of lavender. For the balcony box, you should select smaller lavender types: you certainly do not need a meter-high giant lavender on the balcony, but rather a lavender that grows beautifully low and compact. A Lavandula angustifolia, real lavender, the cultivar 'Hidcote Blue' . Possibly propagated young plants, which in contrast to seed-propagated young plants produce uniform lavender, which can be placed close together like a kind of small hedge. How close together, depends on how much and regularly you want to cut, 'Hidcote Blue' will be a maximum of 40 inches high and 30 inches wide. So the distance of 30 cm should be chosen if the lavender is to spread out fully. If you want to keep it narrow by cropping (harvesting continuously), the distance can be shortened a bit.

In larger pots / buckets, individual lavender are planted, so it's about size of the bucket and not to distance. The bucket size is again selected for lavender, the bigger the better. For a lavender that is one meter high, you need a huge pot of at least 40 cm in diameter.

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