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What does an architect cost? Costs for new construction and reconstruction

  • Fee after the HOAI
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You are interested in a new construction of an EFH "> Many people ask themselves how much the cost of commissioning an architect turns out to be: building a house is not exactly cheap even for prefabricated and system houses, but an architect can greatly increase the costs, An advantage for you: the architect's fee is not determined by the architect himself, but is regulated by law in the fee structure for architects and engineers (HOAI) who work in Germany This not only regulates the costs of a new construction of a single-family house, but also a conversion, which considerably simplifies the calculation of costs for you.

Fee after the HOAI

The calculation of the performance for the architect sounds at first glance more complicated than it really is. On average, you have to assume that an architect will cost you about ten to fifteen percent of the construction project . But that does not mean the costs for the whole project, but only the "chargeable costs". What are the chargeable costs? These are the costs that are incurred solely for the construction of the house. If a capital of 200, 000 euros is available and of which 130, 000 are incurred for the construction and installation costs, these are the creditable values ​​at which the architect can adjust his fee. But that does not include:

  • Land costs
  • development costs
  • Expenditure on outdoor facilities during construction
  • Fee for the structural engineer or other professionals

Of course, you can specify a direct framework in the contract that the architect has available. This gives you direct control over the maximum costs that can be taken into account and the architect can not decide this for himself. In most cases, you will have to save a bit on house construction, otherwise the house costs will be too high. Nevertheless, the construction and installation costs are based on the local framework. This means that if you want to build a house in a development area with high construction costs, you have to expect higher construction costs than in other regions.

Exceptions are:

  • Construction costs below a value of 25, 000 euros
  • Construction costs over a value of 25, 000, 000 euros

In this case, the chargeable construction and installation costs are freely negotiated.

Honorary board

The fee for the architect is calculated directly via the so-called honorary board, which lists the percentage of the architect that is allowed to charge for the respective service phases. Following the honorary board in detail:

1. Phase of performance (basic assessment): the basic calculation will be calculated at the new building and renovation of the new building each with 2 percent. It includes the inventory including preliminary costing for the entire construction project. Also, the architect will visit the property to include all important points in the planning.

2. Service phase (preliminary planning): the preliminary planning is calculated at 7 percent and includes the planning process for the project. These include, for example, points such as the essential foundations of the house and your goals. This aspect also includes all the creative aspects of the client. At the end of this service phase, a cost calculation according to DIN 276 will be established.

3. Service phase (draft planning): the design planning takes in 15 percent of the architect's fee. This item includes everything that has to do with the exact design for your home. Also here a cost calculation according to DIN 276 takes place.

4. Service phase (approval planning): the planning of the approval is calculated with 3 percent for complete buildings and 2 percent for interior spaces, for example, if you are planning a conversion. At this stage, all necessary permits for the construction will be provided.

5. Service phase (implementation planning): in the implementation planning, 25 percent is charged for buildings and 30 percent for interior spaces. In this phase, he completes all the plans for the other participants and a real estate drawing that will help you to see what your new build or renovation will look like.

6. Performance phase (preparation of awarding): The awarding procedure will be implemented during this phase of the service and will be charged at 10 percent for buildings and 7 percent for interior spaces.

7. Service phase (participation in awarding): the awarding effect is a short step, calculated as 4 per cent for buildings and 3 per cent for interiors. In this all allocations are checked, so that the construction runs smoothly and all costs are checked again.

8. Service phase (object monitoring): the object surveillance is calculated with a whopping 32 percent for a single-family house or reconstruction, even if it is only a room. During this phase, the architect monitors the construction progress on the construction site, checks for defects and compensates all fees and costs. As a result, the construction of your house is not delayed and all parties receive the necessary salaries and resources.

9. Service phase (object support and documentation): the completion of the phases is calculated with 2 percent. The architect will assess any deficiencies found in an inspection and record them.

All these points are calculated in steps. That means you pay only for Phase 1, then 2 and so on. The costs are only paid up to the commissioned service phase. An example:

  • they commission the architect with the work phases 1 to 5
  • sum up the percentages
  • They come to a value of 52 percent
  • that is, you pay the architect a fee of 52 percent

Designated architects can never calculate all the costs beforehand and ask for them in advance for all phases of the service. For this, advance payments or lump sums may be demanded to secure their own fee, which differ from architect to architect and are paid in individual payments, monthly, annual or quarterly installments. Be sure to inform yourself about possible payments on account or lump sums and include them in the planned fee.

charge zone

In the direct calculation of the fee but another value is important: the fee zone. In total, there are five fee zones:

  • I. Honorary zone: very low planning requirements (for example a warehouse)
  • II. Honorary zone: low planning requirements (for example, a decorative pavilion)
  • III. Honorary zone: average planning requirements (for example, a detached house)
  • IV. Honorary zone: high demands on the planning (for example, a one-family house with a complicated floor plan)
  • V. Honorary zone: very high demands on the planning (for example, an opera house)

The fee zone determines the effort for the planning of the object. Normally, only zones III and IV are important to you since single-family homes fall into exactly these categories. The higher the fee zone, the higher the fee for the architect. The values ​​are even prescribed depending on the zone. Following some allowable construction and installation costs with the respective fee frame within the fee zone III:

  • 100, 000 euros: 15, 005- 18, 713 euros
  • 200, 000 euros: 27, 863 - 34, 751 euros
  • 350, 000 euros: 39, 981 - 49, 864 euros
  • 500, 000 euros: 62, 900 - 78, 449 euros
  • 750, 000 euros. 89, 927 - 112, 156 euros

You see They see. The more expensive the construction project, the greater the fee for the architect. Based on the fee zone and blackboard you have a good overview of the possible fees that will come to you. If your construction project is classified in Zone IV, the fee increases by 16 to 25 percent. If you do not have any of the above mentioned values, your architect will follow the general framework. An example:

  • total chargeable costs: 160, 000 euros
  • Classification in Honorary Zone III
  • Fee is between 21.555 (150.000 Euro) and 34.751 Euro (200.000 Euro)
  • depending on the fee rate, the value is calculated
  • at a median fee rate these would amount to 26, 608 euros net

The frames are also set by HOAI and so you can always check yourself if the fee is too high. The fees for the conversion are calculated in the same way, but they are usually lower because not so much capital is needed. In most cases, these are classified in a lower fee zone and many conversions are not more expensive than 150, 000 euros, which keeps the fee on average below 21, 555 euros.

value added tax

A cost that you should not forget in the entire list, is the VAT, which can be listed as VAT, depending on the architect, although this is the same tax. VAT is charged at a rate of 19 percent, which is added only after the total eligible costs have been calculated. This means that your architect is not allowed to add the tax 19 per cent after each entry of the fee table, but only when the total fee is listed. This means that if you calculate a final total fee of 33, 290 euros, for example, 19 percent VAT will be added to this:

  • Sales tax of 19 percent: 6, 325.10 euros
  • Fee + sales tax: 39, 615.10 euros

The fee for the architect would amount accordingly to 39.615, 10 euros . The sales tax applies to both projects, that is to say for a new construction and renovation of the new building.

Tip: as a precaution, address the potential architect to sales tax before concluding the contract. There have been cases where sales tax has been charged for each position, which raises the fee accordingly and thus adversely affects the builders' capital.

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