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Remove water stains from the sofa - microfiber, upholstery & Co.

  • Remove water stains from the sofa
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Water stains are one of the biggest evils when it comes to your own sofa. Even small stains are clearly visible and have a disturbing effect on the ambience when the piece of furniture has been adapted to the furnishings. Especially water spots on microfibre and upholstered sofas require special care, as they stubbornly settle in the material. For this purpose, various home and cleaning agents for stain removal effectively.

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Remove water stains from the sofa


No matter what kind of material it is on your couch, except for the detergent you need the same utensils for cleaning . Since sofas are generally much more sensitive to detergents, care must be taken to be careful so as not to damage the fabric.

The following utensils help:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • several cotton towels, clean and dry
  • Clothes brush with soft bristles
  • Impregnating spray for leather sofas

The vacuum cleaner is an important tool for removing water stains from sofa trimmings, as it simply removes foam and solid detergents. This protects the material against friction, which is particularly damaging to the fabric and usually only aggravates the stain.

Also, you should make sure that the cotton towels used are never dirty, otherwise you transfer the dirt to the water stain and thus make everything worse. This is especially important with microfibre sofas as it absorbs dirt more quickly when compared to upholstery when stains are present. Since microfiber sofas are the quickest to dirty, this is especially important.

Tip: Never use a sponge to remove water stains from sofa sets unless it is a very soft one. A classic sponge does more harm to the couch than really tackling the stain.


Before using any of the remedies below, be sure to check your couch for compatibility . For this you choose a piece of the couch, which is not really noticeable over the normal course of the day and apply there the cleaning agent. After dabbing a small spot, use the mean to check if any of the following changes occur.

  • coloring
  • material properties

Especially if the material seems to dissolve or get rougher, you should either use a gentler cleanser or think about professional cleaning . This will definitely put you on the safe side.

In addition to this point, you should definitely check your utensils for cleanliness. Above all, vacuum cleaner nozzles must be completely cleaned on the couch before use so that they do not transfer the dirt to the fabric. This completes the preparations and you can start cleaning.

10 effective cleaners

To remove water stains from the sofa, you must be extra careful. The following applies: dab, never rub! No matter which cleaning agent you choose in the end, you should always dab the water stain so as not to aggravate it. Many people have enlarged their water spots by rubbing them wildly.

This is not a worktop in the kitchen or a car window, but fabric . You would not rub your favorite dress with a cleaner, especially if it is a sensitive material. The following cleaning agents are recommended.

Distilled water

Never use tap water to clean water stains on sofa trimmings, as this will lead to calcification, which in turn will cause further water stains. This is especially noticeable in leather trimmings. Distilled water, however, acts against previous deposits and can be dabbed easily.

Apply the water to the stain with a cloth and dab it thoroughly. Then let this work for a while. Then take the vacuum cleaner and suck the moisture out of the fabric. This variant is particularly well suited to remove water stains on sofa sets with upholstery fabric. Alternatively, you can use sparkling mineral water in thick upholstered furniture.

duty detergent

Delicate detergent is the ideal choice for microfiber and upholstery sofas. Above all, biological detergents are particularly gentle on the fabric and can be used in large quantities. Apply the detergent in the following manner.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of mild detergent with water
  • Wet cotton cloth with it
  • Dab off water marks over a large area
  • let absorb
  • Dab with fresh water
  • then aspirate

The more careful you are, the more effective the detergent will be and can remove the water stains. In the same way, you can use neutral soap to clean the sofas. These definitely mix well.


Salt is the classic for red wine or blood spots and also works well with water spots. The salt absorbs the moisture and will thereby remove the water stains. Use a fine salt for this, as this can be distributed over a large area and is therefore best suited for this purpose.

Proceed as follows:

  • Dab dried water stains in distilled water
  • Do not moisten fresh water stains
  • Now distribute salt over a large area
  • Do not rub it in, but spread it carefully on the fabric
  • Exposure time: 1 hour
  • then carefully vacuum with the vacuum cleaner

Immediately after vacuuming, you can tell if the salt has worked. If not, you can dare another passage.

window cleaner

Small stains on microfiber, upholstery and even leather can be removed with a splash of window or even all-purpose cleaner . To do this, spray the cleanser directly onto the stain, dab it and leave it on for a while. Then pick up another cloth and dab the cleaner with a little water. Then vacuum.

Carpet and leather cleaner

Of course you can use for the individual pieces of furniture cleaners, which are specially tailored to the material. For example, carpet- based carpet cleaners have become established for upholstered furniture and leather trimmings can be removed from the water stains with a classic leather cleaner . Just follow the manufacturer's instructions for use.

vinegar water

Vinegar water is a home remedy to remove water stains from the sofa, which are made of leather. Treat the leather with acetic acid in the affected area and dab with water. Suction is not necessary with leather sofas. Do not forget to impregnate.


You can also use lemons for cleaning leather sofas. Cut a lemon in half and treat directly with half the water stain. Also dab here with water and then impregnate the couch.

Exceptions to the above cleaning products are suede and suede . Since these materials are particularly in need of care, you must first observe the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the sofa.

If there is no information, special cleaners and a suede brush are recommended to remove the water stains without damaging the material. If your microfibre sofa has a removable cover, simply wash it in the washing machine to remove the water stains. This is often the best variant for this form of reference.

Tip: Alternatively, dab a cotton cloth in whole milk to dab off leather sofas to remove the water stains. After distilling with distilled water and then pat dry until the unsightly lime rims are no longer present.

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