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Making Christmas presents with children - 12 creative ideas

  • Tinker Christmas presents with children
    • Pottery gift tags
    • Mini fir-trees in the potty
    • Pom Pom snowmen
    • Sock Snowman
    • Handprint on Christmas tree balls
    • Balls of yarn
    • Paper Snowflakes
    • Butterkeksh√§uschen
    • Christmas glasses
    • Biscuit Snowmen
    • Christmas wood pictures
    • Christmas Cards

Your children would like to give away Christmas presents ">

Creative pastime with children: making Christmas presents

Lovingly crafted gifts are always the greatest joy at Christmas. In this tutorial, we will introduce you to 12 creative ideas that you can easily implement with children as well. This is how you can create personalized gifts with your children - either for the grandparents, the uncle, the aunt or the best friend.

Although there are still a few weeks left until Christmas is finally here, but in Advent we are more likely to wrap up presents and cook cookies on the program, so I like to start a bit earlier with the tinkering. Also, some of the raw materials (such as pine cones) can be collected in the fall and the children make the pre-Christmas crafts a lot of fun. In addition, it promises much less time pressure and incidentally also autumn and Christmas decoration (also for window and door decoration) can be tinkered.

Difficulty level 1-5 / 5
(depending on motive and number variable)
Material costs 2/5
(variable depending on the basic material)
Time required 1-5 / 5
(variable depending on motif selection and quantity)

Tip: think in advance what you would like to make and get all the materials. You probably already have a lot of them in the house, you can collect a lot in nature and this or that has to be bought. Stay open and flexible - often the best results come from using materials other than the ones suggested.

Tinker Christmas presents with children

Pottery gift tags

Absolutely customizable and versatile: self-made gift tags. For this you need clay or polymer clay, possibly acrylic paints and a brush and if desired still spray paint. You can find a very simple instruction in our article "Pottery with Children". Just label your finished gift tags with a permanent marker (after that it can be painted - or not) and attach to the package with a gift ribbon.

Mini fir-trees in the potty

For the small pine trees you need pine cones (they can be small and crooked - that has character), small flower pots (or thimbles or other suitable material), silver or silver markers or silver spray, green or green spray, a star for the tip and everything else you like like little colorful balls or glitter. A hot glue gun is best for joining, but it also works with super glue. Color the pinecone green. After drying, silver or white accents can be added (to suggest snow or just make your little tree shine).

In parallel, dye your potty silver. When everything has dried well, fix the pin in the potty. Decorate your tree according to your wishes.

Pom Pom snowmen

For this you need white wool, colorful pipe cleaners (these small plushy wires) and very small wooden beads in black and orange (or scraps of paper in these colors) as well as two very thin twigs for the arms per snowman and some gift ribbon for or colored paper for the scarf (for For example, you can simply braid some threads of wool into a braid. For the two pompons you also need some solid cardboard (it should be enough for 4 circles). Make two differently sized pompoms (one for the head and one for the body of your snowman) and knot the threads together so that they are close together. Cut back the protruding thread ends so that they are no longer visible.

Detailed instructions for crafting pompoms can be found here: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/bommel-selber-machen/

Decorate your snowman with eyes, nose, scarf, hat or ear warmer and buttons (or diamonds or similar) on the belly. Stick your arms on - and you're done!

Sock Snowman

Your kids will love these cute and cuddly snowmen. All you need is a big white sock, 250g of rice, cords and a bit of decoration material. Cut the sock at the opening a little at the beginning, otherwise the snowman will be too long. Then fill the rice in the sock. The opening is then tied firmly with a piece of string. Then divide the filled sock with another piece of string into a smaller half for the head and into a larger half for the body.

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Now the snowman only needs to be decorated with a hat, scarf, eyes, nose and buttons. A pipe cleaner or a piece of wool are perfect as a scarf. The rolled-up sock can become the cap and wobbly eyes are glued on with lightning speed.

Handprint on Christmas tree balls

You need Christmas tree balls of your choice, acrylic paint in white, black and orange. Paint your child's hand with acrylic paint and then place a Christmas ornament on it. Let the impression dry well. You already have an individual Christmas tree ball, which you can give away to relatives or, of course, you can keep yourself.

Balls of yarn

For these beautiful decoration balls you need a bowl with glue, yarn and no small balloon that you inflate in the appropriate size. Soak the yarn in the paste. (depending on the intended use, leave a few cm of the shell - if you want to make a suspension for the ball, for example). Then hold one end of the yarn together with the balloon knot in one hand and use the other hand to wind the yarn criss-cross the balloon. Let it dry overnight, then prick up the balloon and your bullet is done.

Paper Snowflakes

These great snowflakes can be easily made with some white paper and a pair of scissors. The silhouette is simple and still makes it possible to make beautiful snowflakes as a pendant.

How exactly it works, you can find out here: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/schneeflocken-aus-papier-basteln/


Per cottage you need 3 pieces of butter biscuit, a square chocolate candy (for example Storck Giant), two gummy bears, eight smarties, a peppermint drop with colorful sprinkles and some snow as a "putty" (snow mass is stiffly beaten egg white with sugar). Alternatively, make a icing out of powdered sugar and lemon juice. The basis is a shortbread.

In the middle you attach with your "putty" the square chocolate candy. The roof is made from the other two biscuits. Now it is still decorated and the first house is ready. How many may it be "> Christmas glasses

For this project you need mason jars, paint or spray paint. Create creative, Christmas patterns with stickers, tape or even strings. Stick your stencils to the glass - stickers stick by themselves and wool can be wrapped around them - then spray the glass with paint or paint it with paint. Once these have dried, the stencils can be removed. Now add Christmas decoration and the lantern glass is ready.

You can also use the sealable glasses differently. As a special extra, print out a simple recipe, make it into a roll and then fasten it to the glass with a gift ribbon. The required DRY ingredients fill into the glass layer by layer. Particularly suitable for this are cupcake or brownie recipes. Write in the recipe, which ingredients are still missing and how everything is processed. Alternatively, you can also fill in homemade biscuits and add a fairy tale to the corresponding motif.

Biscuit Snowmen

To do this, you'll need three pepper nuts (or homemade white macarons) per snowman, a shortbread biscuit, a chocolate wreath with sugar pearls and a square chocolate confection. In addition, a small Schokoperle, some sugar, lemon juice and couverture. Make a frosting out of the lemon juice and the sugar, which you use as a "putty". Layer the biscuits and decorate everything according to your wishes.

Christmas wood pictures

For these beautiful winter landscapes you will need wooden frames of the desired size, some branches that you can collect during the autumn walk, some yarn and small wooden animals and other wood decoration elements (for example stars). Of course, if you are familiar with the jigsaw, you can also make the latter yourself. You also need an adhesive of your choice. Decorate the frames according to your wishes and attach the yarn as a suspension. Optionally, you can also make your winter scenes colorful.

Christmas Cards

Here, too, you can of course experiment with hand and foot prints, which you then decorate for Christmas. An idea that I like but especially because I have discovered them in the form even recently, is to "embroider" a card. Wool needles that do not have sharp points are best for this. You paint the subject and your children can embroider without danger.

To do this, you fold construction paper in your desired color into a card. On the front and, if necessary, also on the inside, you will now draw a schematic diagram of your motif, in our case a large triangle representing a tree. Along the sidelines and at the top, then drill a small needle at regular intervals with a needle, through which you thread colorful yarns and knot well on the back.

The pencil marks are then simply erased. Finally, you can write Christmas or sayings on it with colorful or metallic gelstifte. Snow Spray always looks great too!

You can find more ideas for self-made Christmas cards here: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/weihnachtskarten-basteln/

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