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Make Windeltorte - Instructions: Windeleule, Windelbär, Windelzug

  • Making a nappy
    • manual
  • Diaper bear tinker
    • manual
  • Tinker diaper train
    • manual

A classic diaper cake as a gift for expectant or just become parents is already really creative. But with special modifications you create real highlights. Here we provide you with detailed instructions for a diaper-owl, a diaper-bear and a diaper-pull. Have fun crafting!

Diaper cake with a difference: Under this motto, we are engaged in this DIY guide with great variants of the gift classic. Whether diaper owl, diaper bear or diaper train - with all three ideas, you put the crown on the upcoming baby shower. And best of all, each manual is simple and relatively fast to retouch. Start by reading our guides, then buy the necessary utensils and then get to work!

  • Would you like to make a classic diaper cake "> // www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/windeltorte-basteln/
  • The instructions for a diaper car or a diaper car we have here for you: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/windelwagen-selber-basteln/

Making a nappy


  • 36 diapers
  • 1 gauze diaper or 1 towel
  • 2 pairs of baby socks
  • 1 bottle of baby oil
  • wide gift ribbon
  • duct tape
  • many elastics
  • roped
  • black construction paper
  • white construction paper
  • compasses
  • scissors
  • craft glue


Step 1: First, make the strong body of your nappy. Take 18 diapers and roll them up. This works as follows:

  • Lay the first diaper in front of you.
  • Roll the diaper tightly together.
  • Fix the rolled-up diaper with a rubber band.
  • Lay the second diaper in front of you.
  • Place the first diaper in the second.
  • Wrap the second diaper tightly around the first one.
  • Fix the duo with a rubber band.
  • Repeat the principle with the remaining 16 diapers.

Tip: Make sure you keep your tautness even to achieve the best possible result.

Step 2: Create the eyes of your cute little diaper cake. You are doing exactly the same as with the body. However, you use only nine diapers per eye.

Step 3: Place the diaper eyes on the diaper body and tie the elements together using a string. Then knot the string neatly.

4th step: Currently the nappy looks a little bit like mail. Of course this is not in the sense of the inventor. Therefore, take a gauze diaper, a piece of cloth or a towel to hand and fold them to match the width of the owl's body.

Step 5: Lay the cloth like a cloak around the eyes of the owl. Make sure the ends of the left and right sides fall evenly to the floor.

Step 6: Grab a wide gift ribbon and tie it to your previous work. So you can hide the parcel cord in a stylish way and stabilize everything well.

Step 7: Next complete the owl's eyes. You will need black and white construction paper, compasses, scissors and craft glue.

  • Use the compass to draw two circles each ten centimeters across the black construction paper.
  • Use the compass to draw two three-centimeter circles onto the white construction paper.
  • Cut out all four circles with scissors.
  • Glue the white circles with craft glue on the black circles.
  • The eyes are now attached to the owl with small rolled up strips of tape.

Tip: We recommend placing the white circles in the top right corner of each black circle. This gives the nappy a particularly sweet look.

Step 8: Continue with the design of the owl's face. Take the bottle of baby oil and put it horizontally between the diaper eyes - just above the diaper body. This is the owl's whiskers.

9th step: Finally, it's your ears and feet off. For that you access the baby socks.

  • Put the first pair of socks under the gauze diaper over the eyes. Then fold the socks a little high. Done are the ears.
  • The second pair of socks are put under the gift ribbon at the lower end of the owl. Finished are the feet - and the entire Windeleule!

Tip: If you want, you can also make your feet out of pipe cleaners. Just fold it three times per foot in the middle and connect the open ends with a tacker (the closed ends point forwards). Then put the two three-piece feet under the gift ribbon as usual.

Diaper bear tinker


  • 42 diapers
  • Paketband
  • gift ribbons
  • many elastics
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • white construction paper
  • black construction paper
  • compasses
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • Decoration (eg baby sunglasses, pacifier and bib or scarf)


Step 1: First, your diaper bear wants a broad and round body. Take 22 diapers and roll them up one after another. Fix it all over again with rubber bands. Just follow the step 1 of the Windeleule tutorial, where everything is described in detail.

Step 2: Now make the relatively wide and round head of the cute little bear. The principle is again the same as with the body, only use only 14 diapers.

Step 3: Lay your head on the body and tighten the two elements with the strap. Knot the latter tight.

Step 4: To hide the package tape, tie a fancy gift ribbon over it.

5th step: The remaining six diapers are rolled in one at a time and fixed with a rubber band. DO NOT join these six diapers together. They are subsequently required as separate components - more specifically as ears, arms and feet.

Step 6: Then place the six rolled diapers under each other at the appropriate place under the gift ribbon. If any part is not tight enough, just loosen the loop and tie it a little tighter.

Step 7: Even a diaper bear does not necessarily want to wander the world naked. So donate him a lovable baby bib or a scarf.

Step 8: To make a cool bear, put him at the end of a baby sunglasses. Together with a pacifier in the "mouth area", the diaper bear is the perfect gift, which certainly amuses and delights!

Tip: As for the decorative elements, of course, you have free choice. Bibs, sunglasses and pacifiers are just our personal recommendation in this guide.

Tinker diaper train


  • 14 diapers for the locomotive, 28 diapers for the cars
  • maybe felt
  • 2 small boxes without lid
  • many elastics
  • Geschenkband
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • possibly hot glue
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • Decoration and gifts (eg baby care products, pacifiers, bibs, cuddly toys, toys)


Make a loco of the extraordinary diaper cake

Step 1: Make the locomotive wheels out of two diapers. Fold two diapers and put them on each other.

2nd step: Then this package is folded once longitudinally.

3rd step: Then you roll up the diapers.

Step 4: Fix everything with a rubber band. With a wide gift ribbon or something Dekofilz you can hide these rubbers well.

Step 5: Make two more wheels in the same way.

Step 6: The base of the locomotive is a tissue box. Attach the cardboard to the bottom with adhesive strips on the four wheels. You can also put a small piece of hot glue on the deco tape - then everything will definitely hold.

Step 7: The driver's cabin consists of a total of 6 diapers. Fold the diaper together once and attach the stacked diapers together with a rubber band. Place this package on the box.

Step 8: For a sturdy shape, tie everything with string. This string is hidden with a wide gift ribbon.

9th step: Now the locomotive is still adorned at will.

Make wagons for the diaper train

Step 1: Make four wheels (two per wagon) with integrated gift ribbon.

  • Lay the first diaper in front of you.
    Place a long piece of gift ribbon lengthwise on the diaper. The gift ribbon must point far left and right over the diaper.
  • Roll the diaper tightly together with the ribbon and secure the roll with a rubber band.
  • Wrap two more diapers around the first diaper. Again fix each with a rubber band. A wheel of a car is now finished.
  • Repeat these steps for three more wheels.

Step 2: Grab a small box that is about 25 centimeters long, 27 centimeters wide and 15 centimeters high.

Tip: If you are worried about making such a box yourself, cut five cardboard pieces to size and join them using a stapler.

Step 3: Wrap the cardboard with several diapers so that it is no longer recognizable as such, but only the diapers are visible. For attachment use gift ribbon.

Important: The inner box area should also be designed with diapers, but still remain "open".

Step 4: Place the wrapped carton on the wheels and fix it with the gift ribbons coming out of the wheels. Done is the first car.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 to 4 for a second car.

Step 6: To connect the locomotive and the two cars, simply use small pieces of the gift ribbon to staple to the existing gift ribbons on the locomotive and wagons.

Fill wagons

Last but not least, you fill the two cars with various practical decorative elements - such as a bib, a pacifier and various baby care products. The magic diaper train is ready as an outstanding diaper cake and a wonderful gift!

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