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Make diaper pie yourself and tinker - instructions with pictures

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  • Nappy cake after American model
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Windeltorten are handed over to the expectant mother mostly in the context of baby showers. The idea originally comes from the USA and has been enjoying increasing enthusiasm in Germany for some time now. The pies are made by relatives and friends and are made in a few easy steps. Read how the construction works and which two variants exist.

Visually, German and American diaper cakes often differ in the material coating of the individual layers. You therefore have the choice of two different versions, which differ only minimally in effort. By using fabric you have much more design options. Dedicate the cake to a specific theme, such as ballet or football. The better you know the expectant mother, the easier it is to pick the right topic. Of course, the gender of the unborn child is an important issue for the topic choice. Here are the imagination almost no limits.



  • for a small cake about 45 diapers
  • gift ribbons
  • rubber bands
  • Baby toy as a gift supplement
  • gift foil
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • clothespins

Tip: Buy enough diapers, so you are flexible in the design and can spontaneously decide on the size of the cake.

Underground for the diaper cake

When making the cake, it is important that it stands on a stable surface. Since these are individual diapers that are tied up, you should first select the appropriate floor and build the cake directly on top. Wearing the cake without a stable bottom is not recommended. For example, you can use a plate made of metal, plastic or wood for the diaper cake. The diameter should be slightly larger than the cake, so that it is safe.

We used a big piece of cardboard and wrapped it with wrapping paper. Then the cake can be easily carried and presented later.

Tip: The floor should not be too big, otherwise the cake looks smaller. It is recommended to leave an edge of about 5 centimeters during construction. Practical are handles on the sides, but not a requirement. To create a true cake optic, you can use paper to cover the floor with a white cake topper.


1st step: First, the diapers must be rolled up individually. Take the diapers and roll them up and down into a roll. To keep the "parcels" good, they can first fix the diapers with clothespins.

Step 2: Now take three diapers each and combine them into a single package. For the cake you need both packages, in which the diapers in a row behind each other, as well as packages, which have the most round shape possible. The elongated packages are suitable for the center of the cake, while the roundish packages provide a round shape of the cake on the outside. Join the three diapers with a rubber band.

3rd step: Now the lowest level of the cake is made. Take several of the 3-diaper packages and put them together so that a circular area is created.

Tie this "foundation" together with a piece of gift ribbon, so that the individual diapers can not slip anymore.

Step 4: For the second level of the cake a round shape is also needed, but this time the circle must be smaller. Now put the second level on the first level.

Tip: The appearance of a cake generally arises from at least three levels. Theoretically, you can build as many layers as you want and make the diaper cake bigger. Make sure, however, that the bottom layers can carry the resulting weight without falling.

5th step: Now the third level is tinkered. So that the individual levels do not slip, they can be tied together again with a wool thread upright.

Or you attach the individual levels still with a wooden skewer or pine needles. If you want, you can also attach a fourth level above.

Now the skeleton for the cake is finished. You can decorate them after completion with a gift ribbon or plush toys and other toys. Proceed as follows:

So that the gifts can be attached to the cake, you can put small and narrow toys under the wool thread and decorate the diaper cake. Then the cake is wrapped with the gift ribbon, so that as little as possible of the thread is visible. Alternatively, wrap the cake with the ribbon and then attach plush toys or small figures to it.

Tip: Be careful not to put too many presents under a thread as it will otherwise be pulled down. If necessary, use a second thread, which you wrap around the diaper cake at a different height. And make sure that the cake is attractively decorated from all sides and the weight distribution is as even as possible.

Which toys and gifts are suitable for the diaper cake ">

  • plush toys
  • pacifier
  • little animal figures
  • teethers
  • rattle

The difference between classic American diaper cakes and pies that have become popular in Germany

For most diaper cakes made in Germany the diapers are clearly visible and various toys are used for decoration. Typical American pies are wrapped in textile, much like a marzipan coating on a real cake. Here, the individual layers are covered with fabric. As a result, the cake optics is reinforced again. In addition, classic American diaper cakes are usually dedicated to a specific topic.

Nappy cake after American model

If you want to create a nappy cake based on the American model, then you will need the following additional items:

  • enough material to decorate the individual levels
  • different decoration elements


Step 1: Wrap the diapers together and fix them with a woolen thread. Now put three diapers together in one package. Arrange the 3-packs to the lowest level. Wrap the resulting circle with a wool thread.

Step 2: Measure the diameter of the circles and the height of the circle. Now add to the diameter twice the height.


  • Diameter diaper cake: 30 centimeters
  • Height cake: 10 centimeters
  • Result: 50 centimeters

Now cut a circle from the selected material whose diameter is larger than the calculated number. Since the fabric circle in the next step serves as sheathing on the lowest level, you must make it sufficiently large. This allows you to turn part of the circle under the bottom of the cake so that the fabric has a good fit.

Step 3: Wrap the nappy cake bottom with the piece of fabric and make sure to pull the fabric as smoothly as possible so that no wrinkles occur. The fabric that protrudes from the floor is pushed under the diaper cake without wrinkles.

Step 4: Use a gift ribbon to fix the fabric cover, which you can tie together with a loop.

5th step: Then arrange the diaper packages to the second level and wrap the package with a wool thread.

Step 6: Then measure the circle diameter required for the material sheathing.

Step 7: Cut out the fabric circle so that there is enough material to turn over.

Step 8: Wrap the second layer on the fabric circle and fold over the protruding textile. Fix the fabric with gift ribbon.

Step 9: Create more levels as you like.

10th step: Often a stuffed animal is placed on the top level, so that a "crowning" conclusion is successful.

Tip: The fabric can either be plain (for example blue for boys / pink for girls) or reflect a specific theme.

As an alternative to the cake, you can also make and give away a pram or a diaper car.

The detailed instructions for these two diaper creations can be found here: Making Diaper Carts

Or you try a diaper-owl, a diaper-bear or even a diaper-pull: diaper-owl, diaper-bear or diaper-pull

Tips for quick readers:

  • The substrate for the diaper cake must be stable
  • The cake should consist of at least three levels
  • pay attention to the stability
  • first roll up the individual diapers
  • Take three diapers together
  • arrange the 3-packs to the lowest level
  • wrap the layer with a wool thread
  • make the next levels analog
  • decorate with gifts and gift ribbon
  • use textiles in American diaper cakes
  • refer to the individual layers with fabric
  • Put stuffed animal on the top level
  • Pie can be dedicated to a specific topic
  • If possible, only transport the cake on the plate
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